German Government Lets Nazi Mass Murderer Secretary Free Ahead of Trial

This is the face of true evil.

If Germany isn’t still controlled by Nazis, why would they let an anti-Semitic mass murderer out on bond?

“Oh sure, you killed 11,000 innocent Jews, but you can just go chill with your friends before your trial for these 11,000 murders after you tried to flee justice.”



A 96-year-old ex-Nazi secretary, who went on the run to avoid a court hearing before being arrested, has been released from custody pending trial. She is accused of complicity in the murder of some 11,000 people.

On Tuesday, Irmgard Furchner, who had worked as a secretary at a Nazi death camp during the Second World War, was released from custody in Germany pending her next hearing, according to Itzehoe court spokeswoman Frederike Milhoffer.

“The court has suspended the arrest warrant and released the accused from custody under the condition of precautionary measures,” Milhoffer said, without elaborating on the terms. “It is, however, assured that she will appear at the next appointment,” she added.

Furchner, a care home resident, stands accused of complicity in the deaths of 11,412 people and attempted murder of 18 others when she worked at the Stutthof death camp between June 1943 and April 1945. The camp was situated on the Baltic coast in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II.

Israel should recall their ambassador over this.

Bibi would have recalled the ambassador.