German Government Forbade Police to Name “North Africans”

The New Observer
January 24, 2016

The German government’s Federal “Anti-Discrimination Agency” officially forbade that country’s police from naming North Africans as sex offenders as early as July 2015, it has emerged.


According to documents just released and publicized on the Focus news service, German police in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) were formally warned not to point out that nonwhites were responsible for a growing crime wave in the country.

The state police had issued a press release dated June 19, 2015, in which it had warned against an “increased activity of group pickpocketing incidents involving mostly young North African men who would dance around and distract victims while others would steal their purses or mobile phones.”

In mid-July, the NRW police headquarters in Dortmund received a letter from the Anti-Discrimination Agency, which falls under the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs.

The letter said that the police’s press release was “inconsistent with police guidelines” (presumably set by the agency).

“There is a danger that these groups [North Africans] will, as a result [of the press release] find themselves under a generalized suspicion from the population,” the letter said. “We encourage you to delete the reference to the North African origin from the press release.”

This instruction was duly carried out by the NRW police, and all further reporting of similar incidents contained no reference at all to “North African criminal groups.”

A police spokesman told Focus that “it could not be discounted that the formulation of our press statement could have been misunderstood as a discriminatory statement,” and that was why all references to the race of the perpetrators had been removed.

A spokesman for the Anti-Discrimination Agency told Focus that the police press release was “sweeping and unnecessary” because it “warned against an entire ethnic group.”

As is now well-known, these North African criminal gangs are a major part of the nonwhite crime wave which is turning all of Germany on end, and which played a significant role in the New Year’s Eve mass sex-attacks in Cologne and elsewhere.

The deliberate suppression of an honest police warning about the criminal gangs which were already plaguing German cities even before the mass invasion of the second half of 2015, is a searing indictment of the German state—and final proof, if any more was needed—that Merkel’s government puts the interests of nonwhite invaders above that of native Germans.