German Government Condemns “Far-Right Groups” Attempting to Storm the Parliament

These “groups” were not “far-right.”

They were just normal people.

What do these governments expect the people to do, when all of their freedoms have been taken from them through this lockdown hoax?

The Journal Ireland:

The German government slammed the “unacceptable” behaviour of protesters during a mass rally against coronavirus restrictions in which hundreds were arrested and some attempted to storm the Reichstag parliament building.

The Reichstag is the “symbolic centre of our democracy”, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told Sunday’s edition of the Bild newspaper.

“It is unacceptable to see extremists and trouble-makers use it for their own ends.”

Police said about 38,000 people, double the number expected, had gathered in Berlin [Saturday] to protest against restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus, such as the wearing of masks and social distancing.

Late last night, several hundred protesters broke through barriers and a police cordon to climb the steps leading to the entrance to the Reichstag.

They were narrowly prevented from entering the building by police, who used pepper spray and arrested several people.

“Plurality of opinions” is a “characteristic of the good functioning of society,” said Seehofer. But “freedom of assembly reaches its limits when public rules are trampled on.”

This is a crazy experiment that we’re witnessing right now, with these governments seizing all power in a massive swoop, using this flu virus as an excuse to strip people of the most basic freedoms of movement and the right to work.

Clearly, when they planned all of this, presumably years and years ago, they knew that there would be a backlash against it. They seem prepared to handle it.

Part of the plan is to portray anyone who opposes it as “far-right.” It’s funny on a number of levels – the obvious is that they keep saying that the far-right doesn’t like freedom, but then when they take people’s freedom away, they say the only people who would oppose having no freedom at all are the far-right.

We’re now seeing large scale protests in a number of countries.

Keep on it.

Never surrender.