German Fail-Streamer Sentenced to Life in Prison

Do you guys remember that fail streamer who tried to shoot up a synagogue with homemade guns, and it was a total disaster, and he ended up just killing two random Germans for no reason?

You remember.

He finally went on trial.


A German court has sentenced the attacker behind a deadly 2019 attack on a synagogue in Halle to life in prison.

Far-right extremist Stephan B. was found guilty of two murders and more than 50 counts of attempted murder at the end of his 26-day trial on Monday.

Judge Ursula Mertens noted the particular severity of the crimes, repeatedly describing the two murders and the attempted murders as “cowardly” and “cruel.”

She expressed horror at the murder of 20-year-old Kevin S. in the kebab shop. “You executed the defenseless Mr. S. in a cowardly manner,” she told Stephan B. directly, before comparing the attacker to his victim. “Unlike you, he didn’t retreat into his childhood bedroom — he worked, he enjoyed football, he got qualifications.”

Mertens said the defendant would sit in his childhood bedroom at the age of 27, soaking up “crude conspiracy theories” on the internet. The judge said she could not blame his family for failing to avert the crimes, but only because they refused to testify and did not appear to disabuse him of his extremist worldview.

The defendant occasionally grinned and rolled his eyes as the judge delivered the verdict. Some 45 survivors had attended the trial as co-plaintiffs, and many were present for the sentencing.

It might be the funniest thing ever that these Jews are calling themselves “survivors” when he couldn’t even make it in the synagogue.

Just like the Jews were many years ago, he was thwarted by a wooden door.

“You are a danger to humanity,” the judge told the defendant, pointing out that he had shown no remorse and only repeated his ideology in court, before adding she could think of no other way to protect society from that danger than to keep him locked up.

As the judge concluded her statement, which lasted nearly three hours (including two breaks to air the courtroom), the defendant flung a file at the co-plaintiffs that he had carefully rolled up in the last few minutes. He ended up being dragged from his chair and pulled out of the courtroom by three guards.

The attempted attack on the synagogue would have been the worst anti-Semitic atrocity in Germany since the Holocaust.

Apparently, the trial was used as a platform for Jews to whine about 8chan and 4chan.

Because they thrive by being unmoderated, many such imageboards have become breeding grounds for unfiltered anti-Semitism, racism and misogyny. Attacks such as the Christchurch mosques massacre in March 2019 and Halle have been streamed live onto such channels, specifically to inspire and encourage other people.

Apparent reluctance to investigate this virulent subculture by the police was a consistent theme during the trial, angering some of the survivors. Testifying as witnesses, some of the officers admitted they had known little about the internet-based culture that radicalized the defendant.

There is no glory here.

Internet right-wingers mocked and denounced Stephen, and now he’s going to prison forever.

If you ever feel like you’re going nuts, remember this guy.

Going nuts helps no one, and you might end up looking like an asshole, on top of the punishment you’ll face from the state.