German Doctor Says Anti-Vaxxers Should be Denied Ventilators

It might seem logical that someone who is anti-vaxx shouldn’t get top treatment for the virus. That might seem fair.

(And let’s be clear – most people who are woke on the vaccine are also woke on the ventilators, and don’t want one. These ventilators literally kill people. So no one is crying over this.)

But this is the beginning of taking away an entire list of rights from people who refuse to submit.


People who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine should not be able to access ventilators and other emergency measures if they become ill, a member of Germany’s Ethics Council told Bild newspaper on Saturday.

“Whoever wants to refuse the vaccination, he should, please also always carry a document with the inscription: ‘I don’t want to be vaccinated!,'” Wolfram Henn, a human geneticist, told Bild. “I want to leave the protection against the disease to others! I want, if I get sick, to leave my intensive care bed and ventilator to others.”

‘Leave it to the experts’

While critical questions in connection with vaccinations are understandable and justified, Henn recommended relying on the advice of “people who really know their stuff.” Researchers worldwide, he said, have “stepped up the pace at a huge expense, but not at the expense of safety.”

“Within months, there will also be coronavirus vaccines of the classic type, such as those that have been proven a billion times over for decades against influenza or hepatitis,” Henn added.

He also slammed conspiracy theorists and coronavirus deniers, saying that decisions should not be left to “lateral thinkers and vaccination opponents.”

“I urgently recommend that these alarmists go to the nearest hospital and present their conspiracy theories to the doctors and nurses who have just come from the overcrowded intensive care unit completely exhausted,” he said.

You are going to begin to see a process of people who refuse the vaccine being made into second class citizens. They will be punished, they will be demonized, they will be dehumanized.

It’s going to get way weird.