German Cops Suspended for Not Snitching on Fellow Officers Who Posted Nazi Memes

We knew that German cops who got caught posting Nazi memes would get suspended and maybe imprisoned, but suspending officers just for not snitching is hardcore.

Imagine having a police brotherhood and then having bureaucrats come in and demand that they snitch on each other.

Business Insider:

Twenty-nine police officers in Germany have been suspended for sharing neo-Nazi imagery and pictures of Adolf Hitler on far-right chatrooms.

According to officials in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the officers were allegedly using chatrooms and WhatsApp groups to share extremist content, including Swastikas and doctored images of refugees in gas chambers.

Most of the officers working in the city of Essen are said to have shared more than 100 neo-Nazi images. The findings come after 34 police stations and private homes linked were raided.

“This is a disgrace for the NRW police,” the state’s interior minister, Herbert Reul, said on Wednesday, according to the BBC.

“This is the worst and most repulsive kind of hate-baiting… Right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis have absolutely no place in the North Rhine-Westphalia police, our police,” he added.

He imagines the police should be refugee-lovers.

Maybe the police should just be actual refugees?

That would mean you wouldn’t have to deal with these scandals where the government gets caught ordering the police not to prosecute refugees for crimes. Because refugee cops wouldn’t even attempt to arrest other refugees.

You could have an Arab and Islamic racial mafia running the German streets, which would finally bring true equality.

Reul also said he launched an investigation into the extent of extremism among state police departments, adding that authorities had to show a “crystal clear political profile” that rejected the far-right.

Some of the officers face charges of spreading Nazi propaganda and hate speech, while others are accused of not reporting their colleagues’ actions.

“I’m appalled and ashamed,” said Frank Richter, who is the chief of police at the force where most of the suspects worked, according to Reuters.”It is hard to find words.”

It’s also a violation of their own alleged values and principles.

That said: I’m sure cuck Germans really are this ashamed of Nazism. Like, I think it is a deep thing, where they’ve been programmed with a serious guilt complex that others cannot even imagine. They are basically told from infancy that their identity as people is evil, because it is responsible for the most evil thing that ever happened in history. Some percentage of Germans have really internalized this.

For the rest of them… I don’t know how you can really expect a normal person to look around and see the society that is defined as being against Hitler, which is what modern German society is defined by, and not start thinking Hitler must have had a point.

That happens not just in Germany, but everywhere in the West. We are told that the defining character of our societies is being against Hitler.

A society that is defined by being against Hitler includes:

  • Mass nonwhite immigration
  • The celebration of man-on-man anal sex
  • Child trannies
  • Mass drug abuse
  • Netflix “Cuties”
  • Women ruling over men
  • White men being portrayed as evil, everywhere
  • White men told they are born guilty of crimes
  • Black people rioting and burning everything
  • A total communist uprising
  • An idiotic flu hoax that means you can’t go to the gym or to church
  • Christianity condemned and blasphemy normalized
  • etc.

They are openly saying “this is the opposite of Hitler.”

So honestly, anyone who isn’t at this point thinking, “you know, this Hitler guy… he might have had a point. He seems to have been hitting on some important issues,” must have something wrong with him.