German Citizens May Face 3-Year Prison Sentence for Insulting EU Flag!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2019

As bad as the right-wing is with its optics problem, our enemies have an even worse optics problem.

Straight-up imprisoning people for symbolic acts of defiance against an almost universally hated symbol associated with bureaucracy and elitism is a terrible PR move. But you’d never know it because the MSM is bought and paid for and is in ideological lock-step with every deeply unpopular move that the politicians make.

Die Welt (Google Translated):

The Federal Council wants to better protect the European symbols such as the flag and the anthem from slurs. In a bill passed on Friday, the State Chamber proposes a new offense, which provides for the contempt of the European flag or anthem up to three years imprisonment or a fine. So far, the Criminal Code protects only symbols of foreign states and the Federal Republic of Germany against denigration.

The Saxon Minister of Justice Sebastian Gemkow (CDU) pointed out that in the spring demonstrators in Saxony marched over an EU flag. Such incidents should no longer be punishable in the future.

According to the bill, those who have removed, destroyed, damaged or defaced a publicly affixed European flag must also face a penalty. The draft will now be forwarded to the Bundestag via the Federal Government. He decides whether he wants to take up the proposal of the Landkammer. There are no fixed deadlines for this.

Can I just say this?


Your attention, please, cuz I’m boutta say it:

Wait no, not that.

Here it is: the EU is literally the worst thing in the world behind Canada. It has no earthly reason for existing. It should not be a thing. Every day that it exists is proof that we live in an alternate Hell plane of reality now.

I hate the EU and I hate literally everyone who lives in it. I have never met a smart EU person in my entire life. I am convinced that they simply do not exist. They were found out and eliminated.

On a more serious note, the EU is like a giant iron used on people’s minds that irons out the ability to think critically and leaves behind smooth-brained, skinny-fat people.

There is nothing of value that an EU citizen can contribute to your life except unwarranted levels of smugness and condescension. Also, they really are all homos.

On a less serious note, poorer countries further out east suffer from the EU’s unified monetary policy because prices get jacked up and German goods flood the market, but they don’t care because the politicians are bought and paid for and enjoying EU kickbacks for going along with the plan.

Also, the free flow of people has wrecked every country – even Germany – and only benefits big corporations who want access to a larger supply of labor, and to abuse the cost of living differential in the different countries. It’s the same thing American corporations do bringing in Mexicans.

You should be able to go to, say, Italy and enjoy a cheap vacation. Instead, everything is in Euros and even though prices are cheaper than in that hellhole which is Germany, they’re still exorbitant. The smart traveler simply goes to Thailand instead.

Nobody benefits from the EU bloc because:

  • No military autonomy/security, the EU is still America’s vassal
  • Loss of control of borders = massive nigger inflows
  • Local businesses going under because they can’t compete with Germany
  • Native wahmens moving to Berlin to turn tricks, slut it up to the max (meaning no wahman in your Eastern country)
  • Being subject to the whims and caprices of a bunch of kikes in Brussels
  • Shitty currency that can’t be adjusted to make products cheaper, help with exports

And in the pros category:

  • Erasmus student exchange

Yeah, that’s about it.

And this is literally the only reason that stupid Euro-whores and soyboys will give for being pro-EU – as if student exchanges didn’t exist in the past. You had people from the West studying all over the USSR even during the height of the Cold War, so this Erasmus program is redundant and simply streamlines the process so that dumb THOTs can get easier access to cheap Spanish resort towns to load up on sangria and dick.

I literally cannot stress how much I hate the EU, fam. 

Everything from its blue and white color design, the hipster fonts that they use on pamphlets and the Brooklyn loft meets Bauhaus aesthetic that they use to build every single building drives me up the wall with how awful and Ikean it is.

Even if I wasn’t a Neon-Nazi, I’d want to destroy the EU because of it’s awful aesthetic… or at least force them to consider a rebranding campaign.

On a deep level, I sympathize with the people burning the EU flag because on a fundamental level what we are talking about here is actually artistic expression – or rather artistic criticism. I thought liberal democracies were all about that sort of thing?

I guess not.

Liberal democratic empires have no class and, apparently, no taste.