German Actor Traveled the Country Dressed as Hitler, Says People were Happy to See Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2015

They definitely made him look like Hitler.
They definitely made him look like Hitler.

You can easily picture the positive image of Hitler being in the back of unconscious collective psyche of Germany so deeply rooted that when they saw this guy dressed up as Hitler walking around they were like “ZOMG he’s back, he’s finally back, we’re free!!!”


Oliver Masucci, the actor who plays Hitler in the satirical film ‘He’s Back’ has revealed racist tensions within Germany despite the country portraying the image migrants are welcome.

He travelled around the country for a month speaking with “ordinary people” while dressed as the long-dead Fuehrer. Two cameras rolled to capture their sometimes shocking views.

He said rather than being shocked about Hitler’s policies, the war and the Holocaust, men greeted him and seemed “happy to see me!”

He said: “They forgot relatively quickly that the two cameras were running and began to pour their hearts out to this man, to say what was really on their minds.”

Yeah, see. It is deep in their souls, this image of Hitler.

That is what needs to be awakened. The real Germany. It could wake up very quickly, mayhaps.

But it would have to be the actual reincarnation of Hitler, who I do personally believe is walking around somewhere right now, and presumably also reads this website.

Mr Masucci said soon after he started shooting the film he saw the rise of Pegida.

He added: “That didn’t surprise us that they suddenly went into the streets. Because this middle-class that’s swinging to the right, we’d already seen all that on camera.

“By the end of our filming, our questions had totally changed. How can it be that so many people react so positively to Hitler, accept him like that?”

He said he and the director of the movie paid an actor to shout anti-Germany slogans among football fans in Berlin during the 2014 World Cup.

He was set upon by a violent group and Wnendt had to call security “so that he didn’t end up hung from the nearest tree”.

Mr Masucci added: “We wanted to see if you could escalate something like that, if it works. And sadly it did work.”

Why is a film crew running psy-ops at football games?