Georgia: State Trooper Ignores Black Lives Matter’s Demands, Says He Only Kneels for God

This black state trooper refused to kneel before black protesters, and claimed that he only kneels for God.

But little did he know that for many people, blacks are now gods. He could be a god too, due to the sacredness of his skin, if only he joined the Sacred Blackness religion.

Daily Mail:

A state trooper from Georgia refused to kneel during a Black Lives Matter protest in Georgia, telling demonstrators he does that only for God.

Video footage has emerged of O’Neal Saddler, who cancelled his weekend plans to help keep protesters safe, at the rally in Hartwell on Sunday.

He was reportedly asked by a member of the crowd to kneel as a sign of solidarity in the wake of George Floyd’s death, which he refused.

Defending his decision, Saddler said he has ‘much respect’ but only kneels ‘for one person’.

Addressing a group of demonstrators, Saddler says: ‘I’m supposed to be out of town this weekend with my wife.

‘I took off this weekend, today, but I’m out here to make sure you are all safe.

‘Don’t go there with respect.

‘I have much respect, but I only kneel for one person.’

Someone in the crowd interrupts: ‘And that’s God’.

The trooper nods and confirms, ‘God’.

The officer, dressed in blue uniform with his state trooper patrol badge clearly visible on his shirt cuff, turns and strides away from the demonstrators.

Law enforcement officers and officials have been videoed across the globe kneeling in solidarity with demonstrators demanding justice for 46-year-old George Floyd, an unarmed black man who was killed in Minneapolis two weeks ago.

In many instances, the protesters have been the ones asking the officers to kneel with them and the gesture has elicited cheers.

The state trooper got away with it because he was black, obviously. If a white man had refused to kneel before these blacks, the blacks would have released their inner chimpanzee turned violent.

In this new reality that we find ourselves in, the government can claim that there’s a virus, take all of your rights away, force you to live the house arrest lifestyle, and destroy your future while black people are viewed as walking gods and loot your country.

Many of your people are bending their knee for these new sacred beings.

They worship people who riot, who loot, who burn things down, while hating themselves and the people like them — the people who built all of what is being destroyed by this new form of mass hysteria.

It is a suicide cult.