Georgia Senator Tests Positive, Inconclusive and Negative for Coronavirus in 48 Hour Period

I don’t understand why it matters if the test is positive or negative, given that the coronavirus is not harmful.

However, the tests are definitely absurd, and seem to give back results randomly. Most people who are allegedly infected do not know they are infected until they take a test, so if the test is giving back false positives, then that creates a lot of problems.


Republican Kelly Loeffler has tested positive, inconclusive, and negative for coronavirus, all in two days. Nevertheless, she is isolating ahead of a January vote that is absolutely vital to the GOP’s control of the Senate.

Loeffler tested positive for the Covid-19 on Friday, but follow-up tests on Saturday were inconclusive, her campaign said. On Sunday evening, the Georgia Republican tested negative, spokesman Stephen Lawson said in a statement.

Lawson added that “out of an abundance of caution, she will continue to self-isolate and be retested again to hopefully receive consecutive negative test results.”

Loeffler is not the only public figure to receive contradictory test results in recent weeks. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk declared that “something extremely bogus” was going on when he took four tests in one day earlier this month, with two coming back positive and two negative. Musk’s apparent skepticism over the test results caused a minor stir among Covid busybodies on Twitter, with liberals scolding him for not realizing that some tests “trade accuracy for speed.”

The obvious problem here is that the government has a vested interest in more people having the virus, given that they are using the alleged threat of the virus to destroy freedom.

Another thing that no liberal ever acknowledges is that billionaires are making huge amounts of money from the fact that the government forcibly closed small businesses to ostensibly “fight the virus.” So, the rich also have a serious vested interest in as many positive tests as possible.

The fact that so many of the tests appear to be false positives should be of some serious concern, but of course, the media is an apparatus of the government and of the ultra-wealthy.

And also of course, independent outlets that ask these kinds of questions, such as the Daily Stormer, have been heavily suppressed by big tech oligarchs.

So no one is asking any questions.