Georgia Opens Most Businesses – Let’s See If Everyone Dies

Georgia is opening.

I wish that the governor, being that he is anti-lockdown, would have done a bigger study than the ones done in California and New York and preached that this is a hoax, instead of saying it’s real but he’s just going against it.


With the U.S. coronavirus death toll topping 51,000 and nearly one in six workers out of a job, Georgia, Oklahoma and several other states took tentative steps at reopening businesses on Friday, despite disapproval from President Donald Trump and medical experts.

Fitness clubs, hair salons, tattoo parlors and some other workplaces were allowed to open their doors by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, disregarding warnings from public health officials that easing restrictions too soon could lead to more infections and deaths.

It sure would have been nice if he’d just ordered the tattoo parlors permanently closed. He can do that if he wants, there’s no law anymore in America.

It would just be so wonderful if tattooing ended. Tattoos exhaust me almost as much as Jews at this point.

Georgia, one of several states in the Deep South that waited until early April to mandate restrictions imposed weeks before across much of the rest of the country to curb the outbreak, has become a flashpoint in the debate over how and when the nation should return to work.

While the COVID-19 illness is killing thousands of Americans daily, stay-at-home orders and business closures have thrown more than 26 million people out of work, a level of unemployment not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

“We’ve been hurting real bad,” said Lester Crowell, co-owner and manager of the Three-13 hair salon in suburban Atlanta, which reopened after 33 days. “I had to dip into my own bank account to keep the lights on here.”

A dozen customers lined up outside the salon, each standing 6 feet apart. Before they could enter, staff members took their temperatures and asked if anyone had a cough, a recent fever or a housemate who had been sick or quarantined.

Despite the lost revenue, not all eligible merchants in Georgia jumped at the chance to resume business. Shay Cannon, owner of Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta, said he would reopen in May by appointment only and did not foresee a return to normal until June or later.

“We’re just watching the numbers and doing what seems right to us,” Cannon told Reuters.

The U.S. death toll from COVID-19, the highest in the world, surpassed 51,000 on Friday, having doubled in 10 days, according to a Reuters tally, and the number of Americans known to be infected surpassed 900,000.

Did you catch that?

“Known to be infected.”

They’re no longer saying “infected” definitively, because we now know that the actual infection rates are probably around 50 times the number of those tested.

They need to change the language again, because “known to be infected” implies these people are currently infected. In fact, most of them have recovered. Even a large portion in the official hoax number have recovered.

The reopening of Georgia should show that there is literally nothing to worry about regarding this virus.

But who knows how that is actually going to play out?

If just one person in Georgia dies, the media will go insane. And someone is going to die.

The media will make a big huge display, like they did recently when a baby died in New York.

Of course, this story isn’t exactly what the headline says.

When you see it, you’ll shit bricks.

New York Post:

The months-old girl tragically killed by coronavirus “went out looking like a princess” during her funeral — wearing the dress her newly minted firefighter dad had got her for his FDNY graduation ceremony that she didn’t live to see, the father told The Post in an emotional interview Thursday.

Jerel La Santa got the rose-gold dress with glittered roses for young Jay-Natalie La Santa to wear at his March 27 graduation, but the ceremony was delayed due to the pandemic COVID-19.

But he felt blessed that she was able to wear it at her funeral weeks later, after she was claimed by the coronavirus at nearly 5 months old on Monday.

“She went out looking like a princess,” the 30-year-old told The Post, fighting back tears in an emotional interview. “She had such a beautiful white little casket because we didn’t want her in a body bag.”

La Santa had just finished his first-ever shift as a New York City firefighter in The Bronx in late March when he found out his young daughter Jay-Natalie was in an emergency room.

“When I got to my car, there was a note from my mother — ya know I couldn’t have my phone on because I’m the new guy — to go to the ER, she’s there,” Jerel La Santa said Thursday, just three days after losing his daughter.

“That’s one way to start my career.”

Jay-Natalie, who had already struggled with a heart condition, was diagnosed with bronchitis and kept overnight because she had a fever, her 29-year-old mother Lindsey La Santa said.

Doctors tested young Jay-Natalie twice for COVID-19 — once on March 21 when she was admitted and again six days later — before realizing she had contracted the pandemic virus.

In the news biz, we call that the “8th inning surprise.” It’s when you drop the actual story in the article’s 8th paragraph.

In this case, the story is that an infant had a heart condition AND bronchitis. Her condition was so extreme that she had to be admitted to the hospital, and at some point in the six day stay, contracted coronavirus. When she died, the headline read:

There is of course no evidence that she died of coronavirus and not the combination of an unspecified heart condition and bronchitis.

But it’s an ultra emotional story that people will connect to, saying “oh my god a baby that’s so sad wow we have to burn the constitution to fight this evil disease.”

The exact method that is being used to justify the lockdown using the personalization of alleged coronavirus deaths could be used to replace all cars with bicycles. If every deadly car crash that happened had a national news story with a personal description and pictures of whoever died, including babies, who die very often in car crashes, and this was followed by every politician and the entire media saying “we have to ban cars because one life is too many,” at least 70% of the population would support banning cars.

You all know that is true.

It’s the same technique they use to justify wars.

So, I can guarantee you that the media is going to find some death to blow up, whether it be from heart disease, something else, or one of the rare deaths that is actually from the coronavirus. They will find something.

And that may well lead to Georgia being shut back down again.

If it isn’t shut back down again, then the rest of the country is going to demand to be reopened.

Of course, they already are demanding that, and it just doesn’t matter, because we live in a democracy, which means you as the goyim have no say in anything.