Georgia Couple Sentenced to 13 and 6 Years in Prison for Yelling at Black People

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2017

The politicization of America’s Judicial branch has far deeper ramifications than unpopular rulings on immigration or gay marriage.

This out of control system has divorced itself from its institutional obligation to rule blindly and instead has elected itself arbiter of cultural change (or else). In its latest show trial, a white couple in Georgia engaging in a “Respect the Flag” rally featuring both American and Confederate flags had a confrontation with a group of blacks in Douglas County, just outside of Atlanta.

It is a known fact that some blacks become physically violent when a Confederate flag is displayed. Waving a flag – any flag – is constitutionally protected speech regardless of how it makes black people feel. Apparently, the group driving down the street with the flag fell into a dispute with a group of blacks having a backyard party, and the whites pulled out a shotgun.

But nobody was shot, nor was the firearm discharged. The incident ended without anyone getting hurt. The Douglasville police department, which responded and de-escalated the incident, did not even make any arrests!

Yet according to the District Attorney looking to make a political statement and advance his own career, people driving together in a pick-up truck flying a Confederate flags constitutes “street gang terrorism” under Georgia law!

(((Letitia Stein))) for Reuters:

A Georgia judge sentenced a man and a woman to spend years in prison on Monday for their roles in a 2015 Confederate flag display that disturbed a group of black people attending a child’s birthday party, prosecutors said.

Defendants Jose Torres, 26, and Kayla Norton, 25, were convicted earlier this month of charges that include making “terroristic threats” during the confrontation in Douglas County near Atlanta, which occurred at a time of heated national debate about a flag that many consider a symbol of racism.

Georgia Superior Court Judge William McClain sentenced Torres to serve 13 years in prison, and Norton to serve 6 years in prison, Douglas County District Attorney Brian Fortner said in a phone interview. Both face probation after their release, and were banished from Douglas County.

The sentences were a year longer than prosecutors had asked for, said Fortner, noting the crimes went beyond disagreements over the battle flag used by the pro-slavery South during the U.S. Civil War, which some defend as part of its heritage.

“This was a case where these people pulled out a shotgun and threatened to kill people at a party, including children,” he said.

The incident played out during heightened debate over the symbolism of the flag, triggered by the racially-motivated shooting deaths of nine black churchgoers in South Carolina weeks earlier.

According to the Census Bureau Douglas County, Georgia is 45% black. If the intent of this group was to engage in “terrorism” against blacks, why was this the only incident in their “Respect The Flag” rally?

Better question: if their intent was to kill or maim blacks due to inspiration from Dylann Roof (what all the Judenpresse articles are implying), why didn’t they just shoot?

And what was the racial composition of the jury in 45% black Douglas County? Such important information predictably lacks in the mainstream media reports.

Does anyone honestly think D.A. Fortner would give this black threatening a white Donald Trump supporter with an AR-15 a 13 year prison sentence?

The only reason careerist weasels like Fortner feel free to build their resume off ruining lives is that they think in cases like this it will secure them the black vote (which by and large will always vote as a bloc for a black challenger, regardless of credentials), without making a difference with the white vote. This needs to change.

If these two don’t succeed in mounting a legal appeal, a concerted protest effort to get these young people a new trial and a significantly reduced fitting punishment must be pursued by the citizens of Georgia.

If all else fails, District Attorney Brian Fortner is up for re-election in 2018. He must be taught that whites can also vote as a bloc, and can see when you politick at one of ours’ expense.