Georgia: 26-Year-Old New Hire Cop Killed by Black on First Shift!

This is obviously sad, but I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do other than laugh at this point.

BLM law caused everyone to quit the force, now they’re trying to hire new recruits… and the new recruits are getting killed by blacks on the first day.

New York Post:

A Georgia police officer was shot and killed while working his first shift on Saturday, leaving behind a wife and 6-month-old baby.

Dylan Harrison, 26, was shot and killed outside of the Alamo police station around 1 a.m. Saturday, Georgia Bureau of Investigation [GBI] spokeswoman Natalie Ammons said at a news conference.

Harrison, a native of Dudley, was working his first part-time shift with the Alamo Police Department when he was killed. He had been working in law enforcement since 2018 and was also employed full time with the GBI drug task force in Eastmond, authorities said.

Law enforcement didn’t give details about what led to the shooting, however they have named a suspect: 43-year-old Damian Ferguson, who also goes by Luke Ferguson.

GBI has offered a $17,500 reward for any information leading to Ferguson’s arrest. Authorities also issued a statewide “blue alert,” issued as a warning of suspect on the loose who has killed an officer and may be a danger to the community.

“Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ferguson or with any information you think may be pertinent to this investigation should contact us,” Ammons said.

The investigation remains “very active,” she said.

Harrison’s body was taken to a GBI crime lab for an autopsy, officials added.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp offered his condolences to Harrison’s family and the Alamo police department in a tweet Saturday.

Thanks for that, Brian.

Your message of love really does a lot to make up for the fact that you allowed BLM to run completely buckwild and destroy the Atlanta police force.

Harrison had a nice-looking wife (especially for a fat guy who isn’t rich).

At this point, my sympathy for cops in general is effectively zero. They have enforced this brutal lockdown hoax, and all of the mania of Virus Law. But you can still have sympathy for individuals.

A widow with a baby is always going to be sad.

But the cops who knew what was up with policing all quit or retired because of BLM, and the vax mandates are flushing out the rest of them. As this situation shows, “we can just hire new cops” is not a solution. They don’t have anyone to train the new officers. What’s more, there are all of these new laws that make it impossible for cops to enforce the law.

State and city police are likely going to be replaced with some kind of federal police force. Maybe they will just expand the FBI and the Capitol Police. The government has no interest in stopping black crime, so all these federal cops will need to do is arrest people for mean internet posts and moms for reading “Lawn Boy” at the school board meeting.

We’re in a transitionary phase now, where the remnants of the old order are being snubbed out, and the new order is rising.

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Along with the change in policing, there’s a change in the judicial system, with courts refusing to punish blacks and continuing to ratchet up pressure on thought criminals.

When the government finally collapses, we’re probably going to have no choice but to introduce a system of judges to deal with the cannibal gangs.