Georgetown University to Raise $400,000 Annually for Slavery Reparations

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2019

Illustration of Georgetown University in 1830.

Every time the topic of reparations comes up, we are presented with a great opportunity to remind everyone that slavery was the best thing to ever happen to blacks and that since they have benefited more from being enslaved than we have benefited from enslaving them, it is them who should be paying reparations to us.

Daily Mail:

A fund expected to raise $400000 to pay for reparations to the descendants of slaves sold by Georgetown University is in the works at the school, which has decided not to rely on student fees that would have raised the same amount.

Georgetown said it won’t ask students to pay a $27.20-per-semester fee that was approved in a non-binding referendum vote six months ago to pay for a similar fund.

Instead, the nation’s largest and oldest Catholic university expects it can come up with roughly the same amount of money through voluntary contributions from alumni, faculty, students and philanthropists.

The University will ensure that the initiative has resources commensurate with, or exceeding, the amount that would have been raised annually through the student fee proposed in the (r)eferendum, with opportunities for every member of our community to contribute‘, wrote Georgetown’s President John J. DeGioia in a letter to members its university ‘community’ on Tuesday.

Georgetown is just the latest school looking for ways to make reparations for its ties to slavery.

The Princeton Theological Seminary also this month said it was to set aside funding, but a much larger $27million, in support of scholarships as well as ‘cross-cultural’ changes to its curriculum as a way of ‘repenting for its past ties to slavery’, the school announced.

The theological institution’s board of trustees unanimously endorsed a reparations plan, which came about after students pressured the Presbyterian school to offer reparations.

Students at Georgetown had voted in favor of a referendum seeking the establishment of a fund that benefits the descendants of enslaved people who were sold by the school in the 1800s to pay off its debts back in April.

More than 2,500 undergraduates at the Washington DC campus voted in favor of what of a ‘Reconciliation Contribution’ fee. The Georgetown University Student Association Elections Commission said those in favor (2,541) represented 66 per cent of votes.

The fee was opposed by 1,304 students and voting turnout was 57.9 percent.

University administrator Todd Olson didn’t commit to the fund’s establishment after the vote, but said it provided ‘valuable insight into student perspectives’.

The student-led proposal had aimed to atone for the Jesuit-organized sale of 272 slaves in 1838.

The whole concept of reparations for slavery is built on the idea that blacks were somehow wronged by being enslaved and that enslaving them was bad for them.

It is understandable that people fall for it, considering that Equality and the anti-racist idea of blacks being human, combined with white people’s strong capacity and predisposition for empathy, means that people think that slavery is just as bad no matter who’s enslaved.

That is definitely not correct.

Free white men have built the best parts of civilization. Free blacks have built nothing.

If you enslave a white man, you lose a force of Creation and you gain a slave.

If you enslave a black, you lose a violent critter and you gain a cotton picker.

Looking at things objectively, blacks who were enslaved really benefited from it, and their descendants are the most privileged blacks in the history of the world.

Thanks to slavery, blacks have:

  • Ended up living in the best country
  • Gained access to technology, education, medicine, knowledge, and white women
  • Received lots of free stuff
  • Reduced their mortality rates
  • Become pop-culture icons
  • Been given the chance to climb as high as they’re able to and to work like everyone else
  • Been glorified in sports
  • Tasted Popeyes chicken sandwiches
  • Enjoyed lots of other benefits

Thanks to enslaving blacks, whites have:

  • ???

What is it that whites have gained?

To complete the objective look at slavery and its consequence, one has to also look at what happened to blacks that were not enslaved.

What happened to blacks that were not enslaved?

They lived happily ever after in Africa.

What happens when these creatures are free?

Haiti happens.

Blacks in the United States have been SAVED from such a horrible existence by SLAVERY.