George W. Bush Leads Soros-Funded Program to Flood America with Afghans

George W. Bush is involved in running a George Soros-backed program to bury America in Afghan refugees.

The organization, Welcome.Us, is run by Jew Soros’ “Open Society Foundations,” along with other Jewish groups like the Schultz Family Foundation (Starbucks Jew), the Skoll Foundation (another Jew investment banking billionaire) and the Shapiro Foundation (Wall Street Jews).

Tucker Carlson covered this story on Friday as if it was some kind of surprise that George W. Bush would be involved in this kind of Soros conspiracy.

But as I’ve covered here somewhat extensively, the Republicans have been at the forefront of demanding that America be flooded with Afghans.

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Sean Hannity had different guests on every night for more than a week saying that Joe Biden was not bringing in enough Afghan refugees. Most hysterical was the “Jew conservative” Mark Levin, who said that these Afghans were like Anne Frank. But Ted Cruz and all of the other top Republican figures came on Hannity’s show to demand millions of Afghans be brought to America.

Donald Trump himself attacked Biden for not bringing in enough Afghans.

National File:

Former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are serving as Honorary Co-Chairs of an organization to support the welcoming of Afghan migrants into the United States of America following the U.S. defeat to the Taliban and failed evacuation from Afghanistan. The organization,, is funded by socialist billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

The Honorary Co-Chairs of Welcome.Us include Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. The group’s National Welcome Council includes representatives from the New York Times, the Soros-funded Atlantic Council, Obama’s former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Maria Shriver, establishment pundit David French, and Jeb Bush.

George Soros’ leftist donor organization Open Society Foundations is listed as one of the “Welcome Sponsors,” a “group of funders (that) chose to also enable the launch of Welcome.Us so that, together, we can amplify those efforts and mobilize the American people to support them,” according to Welcome.Us. Other sponsors include Rockefeller Brothers Fund and The group’s “Welcome Businesses” include Walmart, Facebook, Starbucks, Uber, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Gibson Dunn and Microsoft.

National File’s Patrick Howley goes into all of the details of the Welcome.Us plan to bury us with these strange brown people, but the most interesting part is that Republicans are so on-board with this agenda to displace the American people.

I don’t know anyone who would be shocked at this point by “Jews trying to flood you with immigrants.”

I think Hannity’s involvement is more shocking that George W. Bush’s involvement. Bush recently gave a speech on 911 saying that the true terrorist threat to America is white people who voted for Donald Trump.

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Bush was involved in the movement against Trump from 2016, claiming that any attempt to maintain a white majority in America was evil, and that we have to bury whites.

The thing that I think really needs to be noted here is that the government of Afghanistan – that is to say, the Taliban – is openly saying that they don’t want people to leave. This is similar to what Bashir al-Assad, the President of Syria, said when Angela Merkel was trying to steal his population in order to destroy her country of Germany.

All of these migrant programs are about hurting white people. There is no other purpose to these programs.

The biggest lesson to learn from the fact that Republican politicians and top Republican commenters like Sean “As Long As It’s Legal” Hannity are involved in this is that we do not have any representation.

Literally, Donald Trump called for more Afghans, and denounced Biden for not bringing in enough.

Here’s his statement:

No one is going to defend us, and we cannot possibly take over the government through any path.

So the only thing we can actually do is run and wait for this system to collapse.

I am offering that as the solution. You can go look at what other people are saying, and you should look at what other people are saying, but I think you are going to find that none of it makes any coherent sense if you try to work through it to its logical conclusion.

You’re not going to vote your way out of anything when they’ve already shown that they can get caught stealing an election and nothing will happen.

What’s more, there is no one to vote for – Donald Trump is trying to vax you and Ted Cruz is trying to flood you with every brown gutter race on the planet.

You have to leave the cities and wait for this system to collapse.

It will collapse.

It is already off the rails.

There is zero chance that this transhumanist globalist utopia is going to come to fruition.

But they are going to hurt a lot of people in the process of trying to establish it.