George Soros Leak: Plan to Undermine Russian Traditional Values Revealed

Daily Stormer
August 16, 2016


Soros, in his better days.

George soros, better known as the Goblin king, had his dark lair hacked by valorous heroes, thus exposing his nefarious schemes to the world. While everyone already knew what he was up to (large scale Kikery), it’s interesting and instructive to see the internal documents his vassals wrote up while carrying out their treacherous task.

The leaked documents, which were published by the somewhat mysterious “DC leaks” website, cover a wide variety of different subjects, focused on affecting the policies of various states. There’s going to be a lot to cover, so let’s just begin with one document.


We must study the leaked documents to defeat this evil.

Russia in Europe: the reactionary values agenda:


Russia is investing heavily in increasing its influence in many aspects of Europe’s political life, very often supporting groups that are against open society values.

There is evidence of Russian support for radical parties of the Left and Right, including Eurosceptic nationalists like France’s Front National and Austria’s FPÖ, and extreme xenophobic parties like Ataka in Bulgaria, Golden Dawn in Greece and Jobbik in Hungary.


Golden dawn and Jobbik are getting ready to fight back. I hope they do have Russian support.

There is also evidence of support for individual political leaders, penetration in civil society, attempts to manipulate national debates (for instance, to defend Russia’s energy interests), propaganda to defend Russian international politics, and support for traditionalist movements. However, the evidence is still rather sketchy and based more on strong allegations, hence the need to first do a proper mapping.

Putin’s neo-imperial model has also incorporated an ideological pillar: the defense of traditional family values. Putin has deemed what he called a destruction of traditional values from above in the name of so-called tolerance and equality inherently anti-democratic because it runs counter to the will of the majority of people. This ideology has been used to advance Russian influence beyond its borders in Europe and Central Asia, and in international organizations.

Our inclination is to engage in activities and with actors that will understand and counter Russian influence and support to movements defending traditional values.

grima wormtongue

Agents of the Jew are subverting our leadership. We must root them out!

This proposal requested a budget of $500,000, which they presumably had granted to them. You can read the document to know the details of the subversive activities suggested to counter Russia’s “traditional values,” but it basically involves promoting “LGBTIQ” nonsense, feminism, abortion and contraceptives, and so on, along with intelligence-gathering efforts in various countries to counter Russia’s international push for these values.

Also of note is the following comment, later on in the same document:

The origin of this request is a direct demand by George Soros for OSIFE to become active in this field, which came in November 2014, too late to incorporate this in the budget. This work will continue in the next years, but it will need to be part of OSIFE’s regular budget.

The dark lord has personally demanded that this project be initiated. This shows how traditional values, as well as Russia’s role on the world stage, is at the forefront of his concerns, and he sees both as a threat to his Jewish schemes.


Soros wants more trannies and homos up in here.

The message we Nazis should take away from this, is that we must double down on our steadfast devotion to the traditional values of our people, and in our resolute rejection of Jewish degeneracy. Moral decency and strong families are anathema to the Jew’s plans – and their leaders are well aware of it.