George H.W. Bush is Voting for Hillary

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2016

George H.W. Bush, the terrorist father of the terrorist George W. Bush, is voting for Hillary Clinton, the terrorist wife of the terrorist Bill Clinton, who beat him in a Presidential election when he was the incumbent, according to a Facebook post from JFK’s niece, Democratic operative Kathleen Hartington.


The two former Presidents have long been good pals.


There is of course little difference between the policies of the Bush family and those of the Clinton family.

Both support the key things which Trump is against, which are commonly referred to as “conservative principles”:

  • Endless wars for the Jews
  • Globalist free trade
  • Mass non-White immigration

The differences between the two crime families are all relatively superficial:

Goofy evangelical rhetoric vs goofy humanist rhetoric

Tax schemes

Possibly something else

So it is little surprise they are siding together against the GLORIOUS LEADER.


But it doesn’t matter.

The jig is totally up.

Republicans now hate the Bushes almost as much as they hate the Clintons, as it is widely understood that they were duped. No one is going to say “oh, the Bushes think I should vote for Clinton because of conservative principles, I’d better do it.”

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