Georgia Governor Makes It Illegal for Municipalities to Force People to Wear Masks

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has been the only person in America who is even close to reasonable about this hoax, and even he’s not really going out of his way to make a lot of sense.

He’s not saying it’s a hoax, even though he knows it’s a hoax, because he wants to be gentle with the believers.

But saying masks are “recommended” still fuels hysteria.

The Hill:

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) is prohibiting local municipalities across the state from mandating that masks be worn in public to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

Kemp’s executive order issued Wednesday prevents local governments from enforcing mandatory face-covering orders that are more restrictive than the current statewide order. The move effectively voided orders issued by at least 15 local governments across the state, according to The Associated Press.

Rather than imposing a mandatory requirement, Kemp’s order states that residents and visitors in the state are “strongly encouraged to wear face coverings as practicable” when in public except when eating, drinking or exercising outdoors.

Kemp’s order preventing local orders comes as more governors are implementing statewide mandatory face covering requirements as the number of coronavirus cases continues to surge across much of the U.S.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) announced such a mandatory order on Wednesday, citing a 50 percent increase in new COVID-19 cases.

I think the best option is to say, “if you believe in this, you have a responsibility to protect your own self by wearing a mask or staying inside.”

Believers will say that other people not wearing masks puts them in danger, but you know what the response to that should be? They should be told to wear full gas masks.

If they wear the ones with the replaceable filters, they cannot go around saying, “you’re putting me at risk by not wearing a mask.”

Even the ones without the eye-shield should work for these believers.

But if they want full protection, go for the full shield over the eyes, it then becomes no one’s problem but their own.