George Galloway Says the US Election is a Coup Against Trump

Scottish politician George Galloway, a far-left communist, has told RT that the election fraud in America is a coup.

Galloway is a die-hard believer in leftism. Someone who legitimately believes in something is going to be willing to tell the truth.

The people supporting Joe Biden, supporting this obvious fraud, do not believe in anything they say they believe in. Their only purpose is to attempt to punish and destroy White Christians. They are driven entirely by hatred. They have no plan or agenda to build anything positive.

Galloway claims that if Bernie Sanders had been on the ballot, the establishment would have treated him even worse than they treated Trump. I’m not sure that this is true, but I will say this: It would be a helluva lot better if Bernie was the Democrat we were looking at here.

Whatever Bernie’s problems are, him and his people have a positive agenda, ridiculous as it may be.

Biden and his people only want to hurt us.

This presidency, if it happens, will be about punishing the natural people of this country.