George Floyd’s Four-Year-Old Niece Shot in the Stomach While Sleeping

This was obviously some kind of, you know, white supremacist revenge attack.

If there’s one thing we learned during the BLM riots of 2020 following George Floyd’s brutal murder, it is that black people are not violent and do not commit crimes.


The four-year-old niece of George Floyd was struck in a shooting on New Year’s day, according to local media reports, which noted that the child was hit in the stomach and may have suffered broken ribs.

Gunfire erupted outside a Houston, Texas apartment building around 3am last Saturday and seriously injured the young girl, identified only as Arianna by a local Fox affiliate. The outlet cited police, as well as Floyd’s sister LaTonya, who said the bullet had “pierced ribs.” Two adults and another child were said to be in the dwelling at the time, but were not injured.

Though the girl is now in a “stable condition” at Texas Children’s Hospital after undergoing surgery, LaTonya said that emergency responders took “hours” to show up, forcing Arianna’s father to drive her to the hospital himself. Doctors reportedly said the child may not have survived had she waited any longer for treatment.

There is currently no suspect, though police have urged any potential witnesses to come forward with information.

Let’s just hope they’re able to find the white supremacist responsible for this terrible atrocity.