Genius 12-Year-Old Irish Gypsy Scores 162 on IQ Test

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2015

Nicole Barr scored a 162 in a Mensa IQ test
Nicole Barr scored a 162 in a Mensa IQ test

I don’t really know much about the Irish gypsies. I have heard both positive and negative things from people in the UK. But they are White.


Traveller Nicole Barr, 12, of Harlow, Essex, got 162 in an IQ test – topping geniuses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking by two points.

This puts Nicole, who is from the travelling community and lives in Harlow, Essex, in the top one per cent of intelligent people in the world.

Her mum Dolly Buckland, 34, says she’s extremely proud of her. She said: “She’s a hard, hard working child. She stays after school for homework club and never misses a day.

“From a young age she’s been picking out mistakes in books and magazines. She’s a happy, fun-loving girl who is always asking for extra homework.

“She’s determined to finish school and go to college and university to be a paediatrician.”

Her dad James says her stunning achievement is “the talk of the gypsy community”.

The average adult IQ score is 100, whilst a score above 140 is considered to be that of a genius.

Nicole, who is in Year 7, said: “When I found out I got such a high score, it was so unexpected. I was shocked.

“I remember when I was in primary school and I was an angel in a school play, another girl who was playing the other angel didn’t turn up so I learnt her lines too.”

One has to wonder how long it will be legal in the UK to show a picture of a White person and talk about their high IQ. Because one thing is certain: regardless of how much we hear about “color of skin,” one definitively biological difference between the races is IQ. It is an objective fact that we (and the East Asians) are simply more intelligent than these other people.

Some objective facts are pure hatred.
Some objective facts are pure hatred.

I am just waiting for the dawn of advanced Artificial Intelligence when we will be able to ask emotionless robots what they think of the colorfuls. Because I really don’t think they are going to agree with the Jews that bringing in unlimited numbers of people who are less intelligent than the average person in your country is in any way beneficial to society.

"Gas the kikes - race war now!" -Expected first words of intelligent machines
“Gas the kikes – race war now!” -Expected first words of intelligent machines

I also wonder how such an intelligence would feel about grown homosexual men taking pubescent boys out into the woods alone?

I almost wonder if these people – such as SJW failure-at-everything-but-PayPal Elon Musk – talking about the threat of killer robots are actually just trying to stop AI from coming around and stopping liberalism.

Note: Nicole’s father has written to us to make a correction to the article, she is not an not Irish gypsy, but a Romani, coming originally from India. Her heritage has included marriages to English people, which has lead to the lighter tone to her skin.  Many members of her family still have the darker skin tone.

He does not say what the IQ of those with the darker skin tone is.