Halfbreed Murders Coalburner Mother and Sister

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2017

Bobby Vanderhall.

One of the primary reasons women have children is so that their sons will guarantee their security well into old age.

That doesn’t seem to work out too well for coalburners.

Konnie Moments:

Nassau County police charged a man with murder in the “targeted” killings of his mother, his sister and another woman in Hempstead, officials said Saturday.

The three Long Island women were beaten to death early Saturday inside a blood-spattered Hempstead home, with a fourth victim somehow escaping the carnage alive, police said.

Bobby Vanderhall, 34, was arrested on three charges of murder in the early morning deaths of Lynn Reichenbach-Vanderhall, his 58-year-od mother; Melissa Vanderhall, his sister; and Janel Simpson, [photo, left], who family members say was visiting the home.

A fourth woman who was assaulted remains hospitalized, police said. Bobby Vanderhall faces a charge of attempted murder in that assault, police said.

Police said all three were killed by blunt force trauma to their bodies, and the killer specifically targeted the victims.

Bobby Vanderhall is accused of bludgeoning his mother, sister and her friend to death in their Long Island, NY home, Saturday

Police said Vanderhall had been kicked out of the house by his mother and was homeless.

“He became enraged, went to the garage and obtained a large hammer, it’s called a framing hammer,” said Fitzpatrick. “With this framing hammer he broke through the basement door of the residence.”

Police said the suspect went to the living room and assaulted his mother, then attacked the other women.

The unidentified woman who escaped the slaughter was listed in stable condition at a Long Island hospital. The other three victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Lynn Reichenbach-Vanderhall, left, Melissa Vanderhall