Generation Z has the Potential to Become Full Blown Nazis

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2016


Generation Z has the potential to be the 21st century version of a worldwide Hitler youth.

One of the most important things our movement needs to focus in on is reaching the youth. By shaping the minds of the youth, we can shape the future that we want. It is clear based upon the sorry state of affairs throughout the Western world that the youth have the potential to become full blown Nazis.

Before we look at why the potential for this is there, it is necessary for us to take a look back in history. We need to understand how the Jewish Marxists took control of our societies to bring about the destructive changes we see today.

The biggest cultural changes of the 20th century occurred during the 1960s when the baby boomer generation was coming of age. Through the use of televised propaganda, many of that generation bought into the Jewish promoted ideals of Cultural Marxism. This was sold to them as a liberating form of rebellion against the conservative ideals of their parents. Jews were able to use the rebellious nature of their youth to push a society destroying agenda that is still playing out today.


Fake counterculture rebellion in the 1960s as directed by Jewish Marxists.

Since the 1960s, we have seen a never ending race to the bottom which has created an untold amount of societal dysfunction and distress. Homosexuality, feminism, race mixing, legal abortions, political correctness, transgender bathrooms and other gibberish has thrown our societies into chaos. What’s most important to note is the fact that this very major cultural change occurred within a very short period of time. In only 10 years, the Jewish Marxists were able to completely change the direction of our societies.

Now in the year 2016, Cultural Marxism is no longer the edgy movement rebelling against the established order that it was in the 1960s. Cultural Marxism is now the very essence of the established order. The baby boomer generation many of who bought into all this Cultural Marxist garbage decades ago are the ones in charge of our systems. The government, media and universities are largely controlled by baby boomers and older Generation Xers. It doesn’t matter how many anti-fascist groups we see pretending to be edgy by waving flags with Communist symbols and other nonsense. There is nothing rebellious about their actions. They are puppets and stooges of the ruling class controlled by this generational demographic.

Let’s move on to take a look at Generation Z. This is a generation defined as being born between the years of 2000 to 2020 plus or minus five years or so depending upon the source. The children of this generation are growing up in a society surrounded by dysfunction thanks to the Cultural Marxist doctrines imposed on them. This means that it will be more natural for them as a generation to rebel against it than the Generation Xers or Millennials. Both because our systems are now in rapid free fall and because there is always an inclination for the youth to rebel against authority. This combination will amplify their rebellion.

Generation Z is also the first generation coming along that will not experience a world without the Internet. Generation Xers and Millennials largely grew up during the pre-Internet era. The Internet didn’t really become a significant part of our society until the 2000s. That’s when broadband replaced analog connections and we saw the development of social media. The combination of the two has vastly sped up the rate in which people could exchange information. Prior to that, accessing information and doing research was a much more time consuming task.

What this means is that Generation Z will be in a far better position to identify the Jewish lies and propaganda fed to them. They will have the ability to quickly verify information given to them by authority figures. This includes their parents, teachers and whoever else they come across. Once they realize how much they are being lied to, they’ll gravitate to our movement in large numbers. That’s because we represent the true counter culture of this era. We are the cool trendy rebels battling against the tyrannical system of Jewish Marxism.


What a real counterculture rebellion looks like in 2016.

The Jews have tried to subvert our progress on this front by presenting controlled opposition personalities like the homosexual Jew Milo Yiannopoulos and others. These attempts have failed and will continue to fail. It is becoming easier and easier to identify these fraudulent figures as the Internet becomes more advanced and pervasive. They have lost complete control over the types of pop culture the youth gravitates towards.

Finally, it is worth noting that Generation Z by and large is proving to be far more conservative than prior generations. They will also be more directly impacted by multiculturalism than any prior generation. They will grow to resent this in ways that are impossible to comprehend at this moment. Both of these factors mean that many in Generation Z will be ripe to go full blown Nazi at a very young age.

This shows why the Jewish establishment is in such panic. We have a message that is primed to resonate with Generation Z more effectively than any other political ideology. Their only tactic in countering us is to call us mean names like “racist” over and over again. This will not be a winning strategy with Generation Z.

Point blank, there is a very good chance that we can create a dramatic cultural shift over the next decade which will rapidly advance in our favor when Generation Z comes of age. It is extremely important that we do whatever we can to reach this very important youth demographic. They will be a great asset to our cause in the coming years.