General Flynn’s Son Fired From Transition Team Over #Pizzagate Tweet

Daily Stormer
December 7, 2016

This guy’s dropping some mad bombs.

Pizzagate is quite possibly the story of the decade – and that’s saying much.

If even 1/10th of what’s being suspected turns out to be true, it would give us a weapon capable of doing incredible damage on the liberal establishment.

Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that Trump’s inner circle are aware of the truth behind the issue. And if he plays his cards right, he could use this story as leverage to totally neutralize all who oppose him.

Now’s not the time to act thoughtlessly on the issue.

Unless this is also a part of the plan.


We’re talking about 4d chess here, after all.

New York Times:

President-elect Donald J. Trump on Tuesday fired one of his transition team’s staff members, Michael G. Flynn, the son of Mr. Trump’s choice for national security adviser, for using Twitter to spread a fake news story about Hillary Clinton that led to an armed confrontation in a pizza restaurant in Washington.

They’ve adopted the very term “fake news” as a new propaganda motif. Traditionally, they would have relied exclusively on the term “conspiracy theory,” which was the old buzzword used to discredit uncomfortable ideas.


But what if pizza is actually a code word for cropcircles though? It’s worth investigating tbh.

But due to overuse – and because so many of these “conspiracy theories” have turned out to be true – that term no longer has the power it once had.

The uproar over Mr. Flynn’s Twitter post cast a harsh spotlight on the views that he and his father, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, aired on social media throughout the presidential campaign. Both men have shared fake news stories alleging that Mrs. Clinton committed felonies, and have posted their own Twitter messages that at times have crossed into Islamophobia.

Is the New York Times seriously implying that Clinton didn’t commit any felonies? I mean, I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure giving political favors to foreign nations in exchange for millions of dollars is treason.

And I’m pretty sure the New York Times reported on that AP story… oh, guess not.


They must have deleted it because they didn’t want people like Flynn getting hold of it and posting it on Twitter.

But their social media musings apparently attracted little attention from Mr. Trump or his transition team before a North Carolina man fired a rifle on Sunday inside Comet Ping Pong, which was the subject of false stories tying it and the Clinton campaign to a child sex trafficking ring.

Hours after the episode, the younger Mr. Flynn, 33, went on Twitter to say that until “Pizzagate” was proved false, it remained a story.

On Tuesday morning, after the post had attracted national attention and it was reported that Mr. Flynn had a transition team email address, Vice President-elect Mike Pence denied that Mr. Flynn had ever worked for the team, saying on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he had “no involvement in the transition whatsoever.”

But later in the morning, Jason Miller, a transition spokesman, tacitly acknowledged that Mr. Flynn had worked for the transition, saying in a conference call that Mr. Flynn was now no longer involved.

Mr. Miller did not say what prompted the dismissal of Mr. Flynn, but two other Trump transition officials said it was tied to his Twitter posting.

So, yeah.

But before you start suspecting that Trump is “protecting” the pedophiles or whatever, think about it.

Like I said earlier, if Pizzagate is real, it’s the ultimate political weapon. The Trump team can’t let it slip that they’re going to use it to destroy their enemies – they have to remain in their own false sense of security.

If these pedo Moloch worshipers think that a hardcore investigation is incoming along with the Trump administration, they’ll start destroying evidence and “tying up loose ends,” if you see what I mean.

So the tweet was probably a tactical mistake made by an inexperienced younger man. Damage control was necessary to appease the worries of Trump’s enemies and lure them back into a feeling of safety.

Of course, this is only speculation.

It’s imperative that we continue with our own investigations. One way or the other, this will be used to lay waste to the enemy ranks.


He’s talking about chicken pizza, goyim. Haven’t you ever had chicken pizza? Or maybe chicken wings. Buffalo wings. Or maybe it’s just a joke about child molestation. Anyway, one thing’s for sure, it’s not actual child molestation. Because that would be a fake news conspiracy theory. And you all know who’s behind that? That’s right: Vladimir Putin.