General Flynn has Personal Credit Card Banned by Chase Bank

General Michael Flynn has had his personal credit cards shut down by Chase Bank because they don’t like his reputation.

This is a big deal, showing that the kind of intense censorship that used to be reserved for people like Andrew Anglin, Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes is now moving into the mainstream of the right-wing.

Flynn is possibly specifically hated because he was a general and a high-level federal government official before he sided with Donald Trump against the rest of the government, but he is nonetheless just a pretty normal MAGA guy.

So, we can now expect that all of the top conservative figures are going to start experiencing the really hardline censorship now.

I also expect this to move out of the Donald Trump sphere and into the realm of anti-vax. Over the course of the next year or so, you’re going to see huge numbers of people associated with anything the government doesn’t like have their ability to do personal banking removed from them.

To be clear: if you get banned by Chase, it’s more or less impossible to establish a relationship with another big bank in America. It’s pretty much a total ban from financial services.

The claim by Democrats is that this is a libertarian and anarcho-capitalist country, so it is impossible for any institution to be regulated by the government. However, banks are regulated by the government.