General Admits None of McCain’s Dudes are Fighting ISIS Anymore

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2015

John McCain: Always the craziest guy in the room.
John McCain: Always the craziest guy in the room.

I have been saying this.

Why on earth would a third party be fighting both Assad and ISIS?

Everyone the US gave money and weapons to has joined ISIS, because ISIS is the organized group fighting Assad.

This is simple common sense.

The question is: why would they admit this?

I guess because no one reads it and anyone who does just gets so confused they are forced to stop thinking about it.


No more than five U.S.-trained Syrian rebels are fighting the Islamic State, astoundingly short of the envisioned 5,000, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East told angry lawmakers on Wednesday. They branded the training program “a total failure.”

After the first 54 fighters were sent in to fight in July, a Syrian affiliate of al-Qaida attacked the group, killing several and taking others hostage while many fled. Asked how many remain, Gen. Lloyd Austin told the Senate Armed Services Committee, It’s a small number. … We’re talking four or five.

But these four or five guys are, like, totally devoted to fighting both ISIS and Assad and establishing a true democracy in Syria. Don’t underestimate their resolve.

Congress has approved $500 million to train Syrian fighters, and officials have said fewer than 200 are going through training now. One of the problems has been that many Syrian fighters want training and equipment to fight the government forces of President Bashar Assad, but the U.S. program is limited to rebels who agree to only battle the militants.

Yeah, they want to fight Assad because they’re ISIS. Everyone knows this. Nothing about this is confusing.

The Obama administration was already struggling to defend its military strategy to “destroy and degrade” the terrorist group with an air campaign and programs to train, assist and equip local forces. Lawmakers and Republican presidential candidates have assailed the administration, contending that it has had limited or no success in fighting the militants.

Hey, I’ve got an idea – if you want to fight ISIS, why not arm Assad instead of arming ISIS?

We have to acknowledge this is a total failure,” Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said about the training. “I wish it weren’t so, but that’s the fact.”

Austin told committee members that the U.S. was looking at better ways to deploy the Syrian forces, but he admitted the U.S. was not even close to reaching its goal of training 5,000-plus in the near term. He predicted it would take years to defeat IS and to restore stability in Iraq and Syria.

How on earth could you find 5,000 guys who wanted to fight both ISIS and Assad? You would have to bring in Brazilians or something, you couldn’t use Moslems. All Moslems support one or the other side of this conflict.

Assad did it. Also ISIS did it. The solution is to send in 5000 dudes to create a democracy in Syria.
Assad did it. Also ISIS did it. The solution is to send in 5000 dudes to create a democracy in Syria.

This is absolute madness.

“We should expect that there will be occasional setbacks along the way, particularly in the early stages,” he said. “And our partners, not us, are in the lead. It is taking a bit longer to get things done, but it must be this way if we are to achieve lasting and positive effects.”

No one has even explained what the plan is. What are “lasting and positive effects”?

Apparently, the implication is that some third group, run by 5,000 guys, is going to establish a non-Assad, non-ISIS government in Syria. With democracy and crap, I guess.

It is so obvious that they are purposefully promoting an endless war.

For the Jews.

And that, of course, leads into the “refugee crisis.” Which is also for the Jews.


But at least McCain has a plan – send in American troops! They can fight the Russian troops that are already there and that will lead to something positive, I’m quite certain!

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., chairman of the committee, called the program a failure, outlined his vision of a U.S. strategy to fight IS and suggested that more American servicemen and women might eventually be needed.

“We need to help establish safe zones inside Syria where refugees and displaced people can be secure,” McCain said. “We need forward air controllers to add precision and lethality to our air campaign. … While no one believes that we need to invade Iraq or Syria, the fact is that we will likely need additional U.S. special forces and military advisers to be successful.”

Austin said he would not recommend a buffer zone at this time.

This is as ridiculous as the government paying for boys to cut their own penises off. Or retarded fashion models.

Everything is so stupid and weird anymore.

It’s frustrating.

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