Gender-Doping in Sports

Adam Selene
The Right Stuff
June 11, 2016

The controversy of transgender athletes in competitive sports is hardly new, but being perched on the vanguard of another dildo beach-head against the shores of traditional normalcy keeps this ugly bird in the headlines. Like some featherless vultures digging into the corpse of Western civilization, these are reminders that the sane traditional world is dead and the carcass is being picked at by depraved monstrosities looking for ripe meat.

A particularly choice recent story involves a Bangkok lady-boy taking All-State Honors in an Alaskan Girls Track and Field Championship.


It’s a TRAP Tyrone!

No seriously, this isn’t a South Park episode.

“Haines High School senior Nattaphon Wangyot (From Thailand) took fifth place in the girls 1-2-3A 100-meter finals and third-place in the 200-meter race on May 27.” Apparently the current policy is, if a student identifies as another gender, then it’s up to the local school to decide if they’re allowed to compete in their preferred gender bracket. “I’m glad that this person is comfortable with who they are and they’re able to be happy in who they are, but I don’t think it’s competitively completely 100 percent fair,” Hutchison High School senior Saskia Harrison told a CBS affiliate, revealing major deficits in gender-education among Alaskan schools.

Infamous MMA gender-doping sensation Fallon Fox also went to Wangyot’s homeland for sex re-assignment surgery in Bangkok, and afterwards BTFO’ed Tamikka Brents in a notorious match that lead many people to question the sports ethics of letting MtF trannies physically assault compete against women. Joe Rogan himself even put down the bong and DMT long enough to release this incredibly lucid transphobic hate-speech on why cutting off your dick doesn’t undo three decades of male biology.

Now as much as it would be easy to preach to the choir here about how fucking absurd it is for us to even tolerate the increasingly petulant and insane demands of botched gender-abortions, even from a detached rational perspective trannies create a real headache for balancing sports competition.

We’re talking about a world where playing with slightly under-inflated footballs is a huge controversy and testing positive for even microscopic trace amounts of a supposed performance enhancing drug can get you banhammered for two years in professional cycling. Basically competitive athletic sports is akin to spec-racing in the automotive world, the idea behind weight classes, gender divisions, and bans on anything that gives you a chemical or mechanical advantage is to provide a level playing field and good entertainment for the fans.

The question is, if we’re going to strip medals from teams that had a competitor who was two years under an arbitrary age limit, how can you shoe-horn in an athlete who isn’t even the correct biological sex?

This is like letting a Corvette race in a Spec Miata division because it “identifies” as a small 4 cylinder convertible.


Only a bigot would misgender these fine Mazda road-racers

For obvious reasons the SJWs championing the idea of letting Buffalo Bill whale on some overmatched waif with his man-fists aren’t even aware of gender differences in performance. Most obviously, men are leaner, and that gives them a power to weight advantage. Power to weight is everything in many sports, hence why the Tour de France has limits on how light road bikes can be. Male muscle mass and strength of those fibers compared to women is especially staggering, somewhere on the order 40 % in the upper body with individual fibers being 5-10 % stronger. That’s an absolutely game-shattering disparity. VO2 max, which measures how much oxygen is consumed by the human body and is effectively shorthand for how much work it can do, is significantly higher in males due to their larger hearts, bigger lungs, and higher red blood cell production. That’s not even mentioning differences in skeletal structure and the durability of male joints.

The obvious question is, how many of those significant advantages are mitigated by hormone therapy?

Even more worrisome, how on earth do you justify drug-testing for EPO, steroids and testosterone in one set of athletes while another set can legally use banned substances as part of their hormone replacement therapy? Given the sheer number of multi-faceted advantages men have over women, how do you establish a male to female trans-athlete truly is “equivalent” to a biological woman and isn’t benefiting from latent abilities common to their original physiology? Lance Armstrong’s love affair with EPO gets him shamed for all eternity but gender-doping is perfectly fine?

Of course this issue is seen politically as another opportunity to virtue-signal at the cost of the bigger picture, and ironically enough women themselves will support the idea of “brave” gender-doping transathletes competing against biological females. Weird how easily women will voluntarily support things against their own material interest, eh, Comrade? Some will even suggest that a lot of sports should be made co-ed, an even more laughable notion given the inevitable long term result of such a policy.

The practical outcome of letting in biological males or even enough transgender athletes is that even small disparities in performance will eventually lead to near total dominance of entire sports by men and botched gender-abortions that used to be men. People who actually compete or follow sports are keenly aware of how minor advantages in competition eventually change or revolutionize the sport. Notice the dominance of Kenyans in marathon running and the consequent deleterious effects on the entry of other competitors, or the proportion of American Dindus playing Sport-Ball. This didn’t happen over night, it was a gradual process of sports Darwinism that pushed Bix Nood Mofuggas onto the pro-teams the same way it put aero-bars on TT bikes and rear spoilers on race-cars.

At least we’ll get a good show from the stands as women convince themselves it’s morally good for men to BTFO them in their own leagues.


You could have stopped this, he tried to warn you.