Gaza: Jews Randomly Shoot Farmer in a Field

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2018

lol sexy Dick Tracy character lmao

Jews have a policy of just randomly killing people. Just to remind them.


A farmer has been shot dead by Israeli troops while working on his land in Gaza strip, Palestinian health officials said. According to Israelis, however, the “suspect” approached a “restricted zone” and fled after being shot at.

The incident took place on Saturday near the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel. According to Palestinian health officials, a 59-year-old farmer was shot in the back by the Israeli Defiance Forces (IDF) while he was working on his land near the border fence. The man was gravely wounded and died hours after the shooting.

This policy of keeping the natives in a state of constant agitation and fear is actually a very good policy for their objective of demoralizing and humiliating them while also provoking them into attacks which they use to justify a disproportionate response.

It’s still not clear why the UN allows Jews to do this though.

I guess because of the lampshades and such.

Side Note

The IDF marketing strategy of claiming that they are made up only of sexy kike female sluts is actually good.

You know Gavin McInnes promotes this. Everyone has this idea, because they’ve put it out there nonstop for two decades.

They’ve made it so it’s everyone’s immediate thought when they think of the Israeli military. Instead of the atrocities they’re always committing. It was good branding.