Wakandan Faggot Who Alleged Former Seattle Mayor Paid Him for Sex as a Teenager Found Dead

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2018

Yeah… I’m not going to guess that this was foul play. Homosexuals and blacks die of drug overdoses constantly, and a homosexual black making it to 47 is virtually unheard of.

Though I do suppose this is a death very close to the scandal – Murray just resigned in September of last year. So I see why people are suspicious.

Fox News:

A man who sued former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray over sexual abuse claims was found dead in a motel room early Friday.

Authorities discovered the body of Delvon R. Heckard, 47, who claimed Murray repeatedly paid him for sex when he was a teenager in the late 1980s, at the Auburn Motel in a Seattle suburb.

Auburn Assistant Police Chief Bill Pierson said police and fire medics were responding to an apparent drug overdose of a middle-aged black male, the Seattle Times reported. Medics failed to resuscitate the man, Pierson said.

Police found medication and drug paraphernalia the room.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Heckard’s death Friday. The cause and manner of the death is pending, the paper reported.

“A hero died today,” Heckard’s lawyer, Lincoln Beauregard, tweeted Friday.

In April, Heckard sued Murray, alleging that the then-mayor repeatedly paid him for sex in the late 1980s. Heckard was in recovery for addiction to cocaine and other drugs when he filed the lawsuit, but said it was his father’s death and his attempt at sobriety that prompted him to come forward.

Heckard dropped the lawsuit before refiling it after adding the city as a defendant, claiming it aided Murray to use his political power to defame Heckard and others. Heckard received $150,00 in a settlement with the city in December.

Two other men followed with similar accusations, claiming Murray abused them 1980s when they were teenagers in Portland, Ore.

A fourth man came forward after Murray denied the claims, alleging he was also paid to have sex with Murray as a teenager.

Homosexuals are evil.

Virtually all of them are engaged in some form of molestation of young boys, as their entire sexual fixation revolves around PEDERASTY. That is the core of the sickness.

Murray was a Democrat who was literally gay married.

“Married” gays are just perverted best friends who go out and prey on teenage boys together.

The entire homosexual agenda to drape themselves in moral superiority – homosexuality as ultimate virtue is the core zeitgeist of the modern era – is designed to cover-up the evil of what these people are.

Something so dastardly existing out in the open must be above reproach or it cannot stand. This is why it is not possible to have a “to each his own” situation with the homosexuals – if they are not beyond reproach, they will constantly be exposed for grooming and abusing teenage boys.

The reason that so many people in history have believed that h0mosexuality must be an offense punished by execution is that this is viewed as necessary to protect young boys from being preyed on.