Gaynigger at YouTube Admits They Manually Manipulate the Algorithm to Cockblock Real News

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2017

In this new episode, we meet a gaynigger who manipulates YouTube for Nicholas Dudich.

He specifically mentions cockblocking Alex Jones.

This was definitely not as good as yesterday’s episode where Dudich said he was an Obama/Clinton operative trying to use the New York Times to destroy Donald Trump. And also said that he was James Comey’s godson and joined Antifa and “punched Nazis” on behalf of the FBI.

The skank who recorded this is amazing. And I am really a bitch-hater. But she not only cock-teased the bugman, she manipulated a gaynigger.

This is an okay video for sure. YouTube purposefully manipulating their algorithm – an employee admitting that they do that – is a big deal. It’s just that, you know – we already knew that.