Gay Nerd Hong Kong Terrorist Leader Arrives in Britain to Promote War

The prince has returned to the homeland to call for Hong Kong to once again become a part of the British Empire, now known as “Global Anal Imperium IV.”


Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Nathan Law said he has arrived in London after fleeing the former British colony where China has imposed a security law.

“With my backpack and small luggage in hand, I boarded my night flight. I had no idea what future awaited me. Only one thing seemed certain. My destination: London,” Law said on Twitter.

“There’s always one message I have: Hong Kongers will never give up. We aren’t fractured. On the contrary, we’re well-equipped to face the next difficult battle.”

Law spoke to CBC News from an undisclosed location in a Front Burner episode that aired last week. He said the decision to leave family and friends was difficult, but with the risk of prison under the new legal framework for protesting, he believed his advocacy would be more effective elsewhere.

“For me, leaving Hong Kong is actually more than a personal choice. It’s a strategic move for the movement,” he said.

Why did he flee the country? He wasn’t under threat of arrest.

This is all just a stupid pretend thing, where these people are claiming they’re persecuted because the adults came to town and told them they weren’t allowed to light old men on fire.

Or burst into malls and burn Christmas trees.

The gay little faggot wrote a Twitter thread in an anime voice.

Stop stealing nip culture, chink!

Every single leader of the Hong Kong terrorist movement is a 25-year-old homosexual.

This is ridiculous on the face of it. I started this website when I was 27, and I look back at myself and I understand fully how young I was. All I was doing was promoting a very basic program.

You cannot be a political leader at 25 unless you are following an agenda laid out by people older than you. What is the Hong Kong agenda? Does anyone even know? It seemed to be to attack the cops. Their demands were incoherent, and they were mostly about how the cops should apologize to them for saying they were rioters.

Apparently, they want to return the city to British rule, but there is no path for that. There is no intellectual movement here. These people are just gay brats who want poppers and meth. When the media pretends like they have some agenda, they’re just pretending. I follow this situation closely, and I promise you, their only agenda is to create an international incident to hurt the Chinese government, and they are being paid by the US State Department to do this.

Seriously. Ask Paul Joseph Watson, a big supporter of this CIA operation, to explain it to you. He won’t.

Hey, I wonder if when you meet Paul Joseph Watson in real life and talk to him his face keeps cutting out every three seconds like in his videos?

That would be weird but it would certainly make him more interesting to talk to than he otherwise would be.