Gay French Politician Pledges to Invade Gay-Free Zones in Poland

Never forget: Millennials were overloaded with gay propaganda as children

There are some things in this world that are so good and true, so moral and righteous, that people have an obligation to force them on others against their will.

One of those things is man-on-man anal sex.

The Telegraph:

France’s Europe minister Clément Beaune has pledged to travel to Poland to show support to LGBTQ communities facing discrimination after coming as gay in an interview.

“I am gay, and I have no problem saying it,” Mr Beaune, 39, told Têtu magazine, prompted by a question on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer rights in Europe. He said he wanted to show his homosexuality was “not an obstacle” to becoming a minister.

Mr Beaune said he planned to visit early next year a Polish “LGBT-free” zone – a label adopted by hundreds of Polish municipalities. In August, the Polish government offered financial aid to towns that had lost EU funding because of their intolerant stance.

He said he also planned to show support to a Polish abortion rights organisation.

“I wouldn’t want people to say I am fighting against ‘LGBT-free’ zones because I am gay,” said Mr Beaune, “It would be insulting to say I am leading that fight for myself.”

“However, as European affairs minister, I have an additional responsibility. I must fight for tolerance,” he added.

The only thing that is necessary to change someone’s mind about homosexuality being evil is to let them meet a gay person who is friendly. Once they meet a friendly gay person, they will say, “you’re right – ramming your penis into another man’s anus is morally good!”

We just have to keep barraging them nonstop, and they will all crack.