Gay Attorney is Disgusted at Disney for Exposing Children to Homosexuality

Daily Stormer
March 21, 2017

You know Disney has gone too far when even a faggot doesn’t approve of their actions.

Life Site News:

A homosexual attorney is warning that Beauty and the Beast’s inclusion of a “gay scene” will undermine the innocence of the many children who will watch the Disney film.

Joseph Murray is a former campaign official for conservative commentator and two-time presidential contender Pat Buchanan.

He is also an administrator for LGBTrump, a group for pro-Trump homosexuals.

Why do we have to expose our kids to such mature themes? Do they not have plenty of time to grow up? Or maybe the point is to make them grow up too soon and that is where I part ways with my community,” he wrote in an Orlando Sentinel guest column on March 6.

Murray said he once opposed activist “Gay Days” gatherings of homosexuals at Disney theme parks for the same reason: It is inappropriate to expose young children to adult homosexuality.

Now he decries Disney’s “transformation” over the last two decades in which it has “worked to infuse its brand with political activism.”

He may be a sodomite but I fully agree and support what he’s saying.

Homosexuals and children go not go together.

Jew-Disney wants your child to accept mental illness – and be a part of it!

Forget the fact that they’re all pedophiles, the world of faggots is purely an adult one filled with fetishes and public displays of sex acts.

There’s nothing family-friendly about it.

CBN News:

In an Orlando Sentinel column, Joseph R. Murray said the company is straying away from Walt Disney’s original vision to “entertain children” and is now pushing a political agenda.

The vision for Walt’s world was clear: Entertain children. Disney characters were about hope, optimism and, above all else, making sure children were able to enjoy their innocence for as long as the outside world would permit. And Disney understood that part of its mission was to provide a buffer for as long as possible,” he wrote.

Somewhere along the line, Disney went off course,” he continued.

No longer did it see itself as a defender of children’s innocence. Instead, it saw itself as a conduit to social change. Walt Disney became Harvey Milk.


Classic scenario of the Jews taking something and using it for evil

The Christ-Killers have completely turned the company on it’s head and are using it to push their anti-white agenda.

For now the best we can do is not fund or support them

Shockingly, due to the “NAIVE ACQUIESCENCE” of parents, Beauty and the Beast (GRIDS REDUX) had a record-breaking box-office opening over the weekend.

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