Gawker Praises Blacks Who Forced Whites Out of Their Home at Gunpoint

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2014

Oh, those brave Black feminist heroes!
Oh, those brave Black feminist heroes!

As I say often, it is now impossible to tell the difference between actual liberalism and a parody of liberalism. Recently, the liberal tabloid Gawker praised the two Black females who forced Whites out of their home in Brooklyn and squatted in their base until police arrived.

The Negresses said they were sick of Whites in their area.

So, apparently, if you are a liberal nowadays, gun control is only good for Whites. Blacks should be allowed to keep their guns so they can use them against White people.

What would Gawker have said if it had been a White couple forcing Blacks out of a White neighborhood at gunpoint? Would they have said the pair had “had enough of Blacks in their neighborhood” and implied they took righteous action to keep their neighborhood racially pure?

No, I don’t think they would have said that.

So why is it that if Blacks are exactly the same as us in every way, they get all of these special privileges, and get praised for doing things that Whites would be crucified for?

Isn’t this double standard simply proof that not even liberals actually believe Blacks are the same as us?

Gawker commenters were also very happy about the actions taken by these Blacks:

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