Gavin McInnes Quits the Proud Boys, Effectively Disbanding the Organization in the Face of Jewish Terror

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2018

In this video, Gavin McInnes resigns from the Proud Boys.

This was posted Wednesday, very shortly after it was published that the FBI has effectively classified them as a terrorist group.

McInnes addressed the whole “white supremacist neo-Nazi” meme, and said that the media needs to stop talking about them because “they don’t exist.”

This is obviously true. I am ostensibly the world’s most famous “white supremacist neo-Nazi” and I have no idea what that term even means. I have repeatedly stated very clearly that my goal is to restore America to the vision of the Founding Fathers. Yes, they were I guess “white supremacists,” because they believed in the superiority of the white race and founded America as a nation explicitly for and by white people. But the media is never going to call me “white supremacist neo-Founding Father and virulent Thomas Jefferson-supporter.” At least not until they’ve solidified the idea that the Founding Fathers were as bad as Hitler, which, if we stay on this present course, will happen within 15 years.

Gavin would have done great to have made this “they don’t exist” statement after Charlottesville. Instead, appearing with the Jew Laura Loomer while working for the Jew Ezra Levant, he did confirm this concept as valid, and called me a terrorist.

And it only took 14 months for them to come around for you with the exact same bullshit, Gavin.

Now whoever is to the left of you on the cuck right is going to throw you under the bus like you threw me and everyone at Charlottesville under the bus.

And no amount of pictures of your guys with their negress wives is going to save you.

Seriously – this is not a joke – Gavin spends the entire 37 minute video with that picture of one of his Proud Boys members who is married to a black woman on the screen.

I turned it on and was like “oh okay, he’s going to do that bit, that was predictable enough,” but then I watched a bit more and then fast forwarded and yes, he keeps that on screen the entire time.

So how much has this guy actually even learned?

He did apparently learn that pointing to people who are further right than him doesn’t work as a method of keeping the system from coming down on him, but he apparently still hasn’t learned that if you are at all right-wing – meaning you support Donald Trump, basically – you cannot hide behind brown people.

Honestly, I don’t even care that Gavin has Based Jungle Fever Man in his group. Or that he has Asians or Mestizos or whatever. It is probably, in the larger scope of things, good to have somewhere for “transracial whites” (new term I just invented for brown people who identify as white) to express their support for the white race.

I might find it a little bit distasteful. I definitely find Based Jungle Fever Man distasteful, I can tell you that. But if I am to ask “is it good for whites?”, I would probably say that yes, allowing nonwhites to support right-wing politics by having a 95% white group with a few token minorities – as long as they’re not Jewish – is probably not a bad thing at this time.

What is so frustrating is that he thinks he can use these minorities as a human shield against Jews.

Gavin knows about the Jews. He pretends he doesn’t, but we all know he knows about the Jews, because he said it and posted it on YouTube when he was drunk in Israel and pissed off at those evil rats.

So he should know that Jews don’t actually care about brown people, or what brown people think. Jews use brown people as a weapon against white people. So they don’t care that the brown people in your group support your ideas, and they are certainly not going to skip calling you a “white supremacist neo-Nazi” because you have brown people in your group.

Because, Gavin, as you yourself just said, there is no such thing as a “white supremacist neo-Nazi.” So if it doesn’t exist, that means it doesn’t have an actual definition and they can call anyone that. You can’t use some Talmudic legalism like, “no, I’m not a white supremacist neo-Nazi, because here, look at my good friend Based Jungle Fever Man” any more than I can be like, “no, I’m not a white supremacist neo-Nazi, I love gook hookers.”

It fails, just like Trump’s “but I support Israel and my daughter is married to a Jew” bit failed.

And the bottom line is that the Jews are right: anything right-wing eventually leads to them being purged, pogromed, and at this point, probably just outright exterminated completely. That is what is at stake for them. They know that, I know that, anyone who knows anything knows that. So there isn’t going to be any negotiation.

Dissociating to Help His Guys?

Gavin says he’s not the leader of the group but simply the founder. I don’t really understand what that means, but okay, whatever. He says that he is not stepping down, he is just quitting, and he is doing this because it will help the nine guys who got arrested in New York for defending themselves when they were attacked by Antifa.

Is he being honest there?

No, probably not. He isn’t being honest by saying he’s not the leader, he is obviously the de facto leader, even if he has some legalistic way of claiming he isn’t the leader. He’s also not being honest when he acts as though the group will continue on without him – what he is effectively announcing is that he is officially disbanding the group, due to pressure from Rod Rosenstein’s Justice Department.

I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t see how this would help his guys who have already been charged with specific crimes. Noting again that I am not a lawyer, I would suspect that any lawyer would tell him that prematurely resigning would help his own legal situation when he gets hit with whatever charges he is going to get hit with.

I speculated when this was all first happening that he’d be charged under RICO for running a gang. I still think that is probably likely. They’re going to charge him with something, that’s for sure, and stepping down before that happens isn’t going to prevent those charges, but may look good to the judge.

Again – Where is the President?

President Trump recently suggested that people form a Hezbollah-like civilian militia to defend the people and Tucker Carlson from Antifa violence. The statements were beautiful, but the reality is that none of these beautiful statements that Trump makes have thus far been backed-up with anything.

And we are two years in now.

We’ve got the Russia probe still going, we’ve got twenty miles of barbed wire on the border and the troops disobeying Trump’s direct orders and planning to leave, we’ve got a judge ruling that Trump doesn’t have any form of executive authority to decide who enters the country and that Hondurans in Mexico are protected by the US Constitution, and now we have the traitor Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in open revolt.

Meanwhile, Trump’s most ardent supporters are being kicked off of the internet and rounded-up as terrorists.

All signs point to the President being completely and totally impotent.

And I can accept that there is a deep-state bureaucracy he is fighting against and blah blah blah – I get it.

But he needs to figure something out and do it, because this is all spiraling completely out of control at an ever-accelerating pace. He needs to make some kind of shock and awe move – like declaring martial law, ordering a bunch of people in media and government rounded up and held without charge, disbanding the FBI and replacing them with ICE, deputizing local sheriffs as federal judges.

He can also call for his supporters to form a militia to keep the peace – and we will, Mr. President.

We will do that.

All you have to do is give the signal. 

And everyone thinks I’m joking when I say “in the very worst case scenario, you can bring in Russian peacekeepers” – but is that actually a joke? If President Trump called up President Putin and said, “yeah, so you might have heard, I declared martial law and now America is in a civil war, and I was wondering if there’s anything you could do to help me out here,” what do you think Putin is going to say? “No”? And if the Russians never leave, and America and Russia end up being a combined empire of some kind – well, I can think of a lot worse turns human history could take.

And everyone keeps talking about how the generals of the military are cucked and wouldn’t go along with this – well, if Trump goes on TV and says to everyone in the military “as Commander-in-Chief, I hereby order you to relieve any superior officer who disobeys these orders – you are ordered to use lethal force, if deemed necessary” – who are the majority of enlisted men going to side with?

If it risks everything – and it does – then let it risk everything – everything is doomed anyway if he doesn’t do it.

At this point, it is obvious that if he doesn’t make some unprecedented, seemingly outrageous move, then he is going to go down as a horrible failure – the man who signaled the end of America. And if he’s going down, he might as well go down a hero. We’re all ready to go down with you, Mr. President.

And you are in way too deep to pull out now, My Leader.

If you go down, they are going to put you and your entire family in prison, and your legacy is going to be the same as Adolf Hitler’s currently is.

If it’s that or “blaze of glory,” I know what I’d choose.

Every single time.

Pull the trigger, Mr. President.