Gavin McInnes May Well be the New Hitler We’ve Been Waiting for

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2015


It may well be that Gavin McInnes is the new Hitler we’ve been waiting for.

The guy is completely hardcore, and yet he has managed to be a part of the fringe of the mainstream.  He must become a politician.  He talks sense and talks it straight in a way that has obvious appeal across the entire spectrum.

He recently did an interview with a nutty SJW, wherein she was terminally rekt.

Watch it.

If you don’t want to watch an hour interview, at least watch the best part.

She says “White people created this system and…”

He says “yeah, the best system in the world.”

And she’s like “no, there are countries in Northern Europe which…”

And he says “Yeah, so countries with a higher density of White people have a better system.”


It appears that McInnes just chose this woman at random to represent the ideology of SJWism so he could use her to demonstrate how retarded the whole thing is.

He says he literally just met her on the street putting up stickers against White people.  She does appear to be a Jew – name/face/behavior.  He not so subtly asks her about it in the beginning, and she claims to be German and Irish.  “German” often means Jew, as the Germans assimilated so well no one really kept a German identity or even remembered that their grandparents were from there, but I guess her last name could be real German.

But get this.

Check out her website.  It’s nutty as hell.

Contains this gif:

tears vagina

Which will now be used, ceaselessly, on every Daily Stormer article about feminism.

Anyway, I think the man may very well have a bright future in front of him.

I am only half-joking here, guys.