Gavin McInnes is a Cuckolded Marketer Trying to Co-Opt Our Dank Memes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2015

The choice is yours, Gav: A prosperous life in the land of dank memes, or meaningless doom in the land of shilling.
There are only two sides in this war of ideas.

Andrew Auernheimer has written up a piece on the cuckold Gavin McInnes, and there is nothing that can really be argued with.

The piece was a response McInnes’ faggoty claim that he is “100% sure” weev is a “liberal plant.”

For those who don’t know, weev has been involved in White activism since he was a teenager, and his conviction on the iPad hack – for which he spent two years in a cage – was more about his politics than what he actually did.

He outlines the difference in life-paths he and McInnes have taken.

My journey started in 2001. I was fifteen then. I could no longer in good conscience watch the West decline into a third world shithole, so I joined the Christian Identity movement, taught people about encryption technologies, and distributed our propaganda on the Internet.

Of course at this time you were too busy peddling books like “The Vice Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll,” and “Vice Dos and Don’ts: 10 Years of VICE Magazine’s Street Fashion Critiques” to engage in any meaningful political struggle. You made millions of dollars off of peddling sexual promiscuity, glorifying narcotics addiction, and promoting the degeneracy of hipster culture to children.

Of course, these are the exact forces that I, as a committed ethnonationalist for my entire adult life, was fighting right up until a swat team kicked in my door in the Ozark town where I was born. It was fighting forces of degeneracy like the company you ran that got my door kicked in, and I can prove that, because the FBI’s search warrant outlined their objections to my political media opposition.

While weev was in prison for fighting for the existence of the White race, McInnes was taking pictures like this

gavin mccuck

for books like this

Street Boners

Of course, I would like to believe a person can change. And I will always be willing to accept a person who does change. And, for a while there, it looked like McInnes was headed over to our side. He was writing some good stuff on Takimag, doing some funny interviews, making fun of feminists on national TV.

It wasn’t DS-style hardcore, but whatever, he was flirting with the mainstream. So it was okay.

Then released this YouTube video, wherein he dissects the cuckservative meme, saying it is too “White supremacist” for his liking.

He bull-preps Jew-Israel and the coloreds as he tries to claim our dank meme to use as lube for a clear cuckold agenda.

He then insulted weev for being too hardcore.

At the same time, he banned me on Twitter for asking what was up with the bull-prepping.


What was happening? He was so edgy before, and we were all like “wow, pretty cool guy.”

You were an executive at a dead end firm that makes ad campaigns. It’s an overcrowded industry and a progressively shrinking market. You got sick of watching your career fade, so you posted a flagrantly SJW-provoking essay titled “Transphobia is Perfectly Natural” on Thought Catalog. You wrecked your ad firm, and collected the severance knowing full well you’d be out of a job in a week. Such rhetorical bravery didn’t last very long. Your previously awesome shitlording seemed to stop abruptly as you gained a nationally syndicated radio show. It becomes clear now that someone’s calling the shots, and it ain’t someone on the right.

Our side had an awesome success with the “cuckservative” meme, which was born in the legendary chatbox of the My Posting Career forums. With it on every Republican’s lips, you came in to tone police it straight up like a genderqueer Tumblr addict. The guy who previously said trannies were disgusting was now the guy saying, “whoa now, we can’t talk like this, these black people nobody has ever heard of might be offended.”

That a British born migrant by way of Canada who has mixed race children and sits on a pile of Jew media money from peddling orgy porgy and soma would try to insult my right-wing credentials is fucking hilarious. The jig is up, and we all know you’re a ringer. It’s your job to try to steer us away from issues related to the survival of European ethnic groups and cultures, and we aren’t going to fucking have it. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

You’ll always be known as a mongrelizer and a cuckold, Gavin. You cuck for the black lobby and you cuck for Israel. Anyone can hate on feminists and trannies. Limbaugh has been doing that shit since the 90s. You’re to the left of him. You’ve stolen our rhetorical tone, a sheep in wolf’s clothing. You have the foremost ethnat intellectual, Jared Taylor, on your show and you put him on with a blubbering monkey to make a mockery of the discussion. You think we can’t see what you are doing? Your shameful attempt to ingratiate yourself with American nationalists is beginning to collapse. Hell, you aren’t even an American, and since you love multiethnic society so much I think perhaps you should return to your country of origin.

Yeah, that pretty well sinks it.

McCuck sold VICE and needed a new niche. He thought he could fetishize and commercialize White disenfranchisement and sell it as hot-hot-hot for the kids.

And actually, he could have done that. He could have kept going with what he was doing before, pushed it further. And I wouldn’t have cared he was doing it for self-serving purposes, I would care what it was doing to the Overton Window.

But it appears there is no middle ground.

As soon as he got linked into the mainstream, he began cucking hard for the kikes and coloreds in an aggressive and flagrant manner.

gavin mcinnes

This reminds us of Paul Joseph Watson, who appears to have done the exact same thing as McInnes in attempting to exploit the conscious White male market. Then as soon as that market responded to him, he cried for it to be shut down.

Is This Good for the Whites?

The Jews, with everything, ask “is this good for the Jews?” And we should always do the same.

With McInnes or anything else, we must ask: “is this good for Whites?”

And the answer is now obviously “no, Gavin McInnes is not good for Whites.”

He is prepping bulls left and right, shilling for the Jews, while merely trying to mimic our tone, to ingratiate himself with the angry White community.

We’re not interested, McCuck. There shall be no compromise and their shall be no cuckolding.

Go run off and prep some Jews, apologize to some alleged intellectual Blacks no one’s ever heard of, then claim to support the right – maybe there’s a market for a new Rush Limbaugh.

Just keep your sticky hands off of our dank memes, McCuck.

Because somebody has to stop these kikes.