Gavin McInnes Explains Why He Shills for Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2015

gavin mccuck
Shoulda stuck with this bit, McCuck. Maybe call Shane, see if he’ll hire you back for the “dos and donts” column.

Gavin McInnes, more commonly known as Gavin McCuck or Gavin “Excuse Me, Mr. Colored Gentleman, But Can I Introduce You to My Wife” McInnes, has written up a crappy blog on his Street Carnage website responding to critics who have been lodging complaints about his compulsive shilling for Jews and Jew Israel.

Let’s take a look.

The general consensus among the far right is the West’s open-border immigration policies are the result of Jewish meddling.

Yeah. And this no doubt puts you in an awkward position, as you are attempting to co-op the far-right for shekels, but it is impossible to collect shekels if you talk about Jews.

You are not the first to face this dilemma.

We all have to choose between money and love at some point in our lives. And I’ve chosen love.

They insist the Jews wanted to wipe out the goyim and are committing white genocide by using immigrants to outnumber us to death. If that’s the case, they’ve made a real dog’s breakfast of it.

Sorry, I might not be old enough to be aware of this idiom. Or maybe it’s a Canadian thing. I’m going to assume it means “they did a poor job.”

However, the genocide against the White race seems to be going swimmingly. If this is in fact the goal of the Jews, which it obviously is.

In Europe, there is no group that gets more hatred from immigrants than the Jews. We saw this when that Israeli journalist walked through the streets of Paris. He might as well have been in Germany in the 1940s.

“Germans are evil.”

It was real in his mind.
It was real in his mind.

Extra points for throwing that in there.

In Sweden, Jewish groups are begging the government to clamp down on immigration. There’s a massive Jewish exodus going on in Europe right now that rivals WWII.

The fact that Jews are being negatively affected by their own pathological behavior does not negate the objective reality that they are engaging in this behavior.

The other effect mass immigration has had is a huge boon for neo-Nazis.

Wow, a “neo-Nazis” reference. Another 9000 shill points added to your account.

As Michael Moynihan pointed out on Bill Maher’s show, ten years ago the “Sweden Democrats” were only for skinheads and got barely 2% of the vote. Today, they are the most popular party in the country. The exact same thing happened to Denmark. It’s mainstream to be a right wing extremist today and it’s all because of terrible immigration polic-es. The Syrian influx is only going to make things more severe (Denmark said no to all of them).


So, if you’re gong to get all conspiracy theory-y about it, there’s a better case for saying neo-Nazis are behind the open-border politics because they’re the ones who benefitted. They got way more power and way less Jews.

Yeah, see, this is the part where it goes full-retard. “Full-retard” if you are willing to believe he is actually as stupid as he is trying to pretend to be. Otherwise, this would be “the part where the shilling intensifies to maximum power-level.”

mcinnes cuckservative

Because there aren’t any theories here.

There is the objective fact that Jews are absolutely obsessed with increasing non-White immigration into White countries.

Have you heard of “Google,” Gavin?

Google, lol
Google, lol

I know you’re old, so I’ll explain it. It is a “website” on a computer machine where you can type in words using a “keyboard” and it will bring up news articles. These “digital” news articles are similar to what used to be published on paper in “newspapers.”

Here are some links from the first page of Google when you use the “keyboard” to type “Jewish groups immigration”:

Why Immigration Reform Is A Jewish Issue

Jewish groups endorse immigration amnesty/surge

Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform

Are U.S. Jewish Organizations Hypocrites on Immigration?

Jewish Groups Support Canadian Immigration Reform

And here are some various articles on this very site about Jews pushing for immigration.

The Jewish Origins of Multiculturalism in Sweden

American Jewish Committee Woman Explains Jews are Responsible for Multiculturalism

The Jewish Lobby and Immigration Reform: A Tale of Staggering Double Standards

Dianne Jewstein Says Invading Immigrants are the New Holocaust Victims

European Jewish Congress Mourns Victory of Sweden Democrats

Jew Adelson Supports Colonization of America by Third World Hordes

Jews Call for White Countries to Allow All Palestinians to Move There

Chemi Shalev: American Jews Must Oppose Trump’s Immigration Policy

European Jews Urge Aid to Refugees: Is It Good for the Jews?

Jew Involvement in the Invasions of the UK and Canada

Is Immigration Really a “Jewish Value”?

The Jewish Origins of Multiculturalism in Britain

New Jew Hypocrisy on Immigration: Diversity in White Countries, Genocide in Israel

Jewish Supremacists Demand Open Borders for USA, But Use DNA to Keep Israel Racially Pure

Dr. Kevin MacDonald Talks on Jews and Immigration

Jew Extremist Says Moslem Immigration will be the Death of Europe

Jew Rats Call for Mass Invasion of America, Demand All Non-Jews be Deported from Israel

New York Times Jew Claims Immigrants Don’t Really Steal Jobs

The Immigration Surge and Jew Senator Schumer’s War Against “White Anglo-Saxons”

And it just goes on and on forever.

And here, check this out, Gav. Here’s a German Jew politician literally stating that he wants to use immigration to exterminate the German race.

I publish this stuff constantly. It is all documented to the point of ridiculousness. And it is every single day. Every single day there is some new Jew coming out and demanding immigration.

I just wrote this a couple hours ago:

Libertarian Jew WaPo Writer Says Bring Syrians to US, Because the Holocaust and Hitler

And hey – that’s one of those libertarian Jews!

I also wrote this today:

Jewess “Artist” Paints Portrait of Donald Trump with Her Own Menstrual Blood

She is selling the painting and donating the proceeds to help immigrants in America and Syrian “refugees” in Europe.

And here’s something – it was Jewish lobbying groups that originally forced the hand of the government to change immigration laws in 1965.

Ted Kennedy gets blamed by the cuckservatives, but the law was written by Jew Norbert Schlei.

Here’s the info on that documented fact which is not debated by anyone.

Ted Kennedy is not responsible for the Immigration Act of 1965

This is not a “theory,” Gav. It is a fact, which is more documented than possibly any other fact in history.

Are we confused about the difference between the words “theory” and “fact”?

We can use “Google” to help us out with that one to.


But let’s go back to Gav’s shilling.

He closes with this.

I don’t think either theories are true. The government imported more dependents because they thought it meant more people relying on them and subsequently more votes. They have done more damage than the evilest Nazi or the most cartoon Machiavellian Jew. Let’s come together Nazis, Jews, and average Joes, and focus on the real enemy, the government.


It’s over, bro.

Just give up.

This kind of shilling just isn’t possible in the age of “Google.”

A better argument than blaming the government would be to blame multinational corporations for desiring cheap labor. At least that works for Mexicans in America and Turks in Germany. But that too, was driven by Jewish capitalists, just like it is all Jewish liberal politicians across Europe who are pushing for this immigration which does lead to dependents (who are eventually given voting rights) more than it leads to cheap labor.

But this current “migrant crisis” doesn’t have anything to do with either of those things. It has to do with Jews attempting to destroy White western civilization. Period.

I don’t know what year you think this is, but this shtick isn’t going to work.

Note for those who don’t have the background on this, Gavin McInnes works for a Zionist Jew named Ezra Levant, who apparently convinced Gav he could weasel his way into the far-right with a pro-Jew message.

The only people who are against immigration and SJWism but also love the Jews and blame “big government” for all of their problems are Zionist Christians, who are a dying market, and they already have Rush Limbaugh and Fox News and besides would not appreciate your f-bombs and blowjob jokes.

In short, you’ve made a dog’s breakfast of your attempt to place yourself as a prominent media figure in the far-right, because you misunderstood the market. Presumably because you are too old to understand what is actually going on right now in these tubes, and also because you have a low IQ.

You gave it the old college try though, buddy.

Sorry it didn’t work out.

Dear Gav: I’d be happy to appear on your show any time and discuss these issues of great importance. You blocked me on Twitter (which I understand you did because you believed me to be a Chinese agent of the Canadian intelligence service), but if you want to contact me, unblock me, I’m @stormer9k. Please note that I will not respond to inquiries from your Jew producer, if you want to have me on your show and try and make me look stupid or whatever to try and regain some street cred, you’ll need to contact me yourself.