Gavin McInnes Cucks Out on Holo-Truth, Swears Allegiance to Christ-Killing Jew Terrorists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2017

Yesterday I reported on a clip where Gavin McInnes made some very good comments on the Jews and their stupid Holocaust lies.

In the four minute clip, he said he was “becoming an anti-Semite” due to the Israeli brainwashing, and basically stated a bunch of the stuff we say about Jews, the Holohoax and Israel.

If you didn’t watch that clip or read the transcript yet, go do that before reading further.

So now, he’s back from Israel and cucking like a sonovabitch.

I’ve never witnessed anyone cuck this hard.


This is worse than the time he stuck a dildo up his ass.

He says he hates the Nazis who liked what he said and he loves Jews.

The commenting public was unhappy.


He went on to attack Richard Spencer and David Duke on Twitter for praising his comments, saying he didn’t actually say what he said.

We’ll do these as a screenshot rather than an embed, as tweets like this have a habit of disappearing, and we want this clearly on the record. Originals are here and here.

So, he insulted them both and claimed that the Treaty of Versailles and Holodomor were not done by Jews, after he said very clearly in the clip that he knew they were.

He says he said “don’t take this out of context” in the clip, but if you go back and watch it, it was one joke he said that about, not the entire four minute clip.

Jews doing Versailles is a reference to what Jews call “the stab in the back myth,” which had to do with both the loss of the war and the subsequent signing of the debilitating treaty. Britain, America and France put the treaty together, and there was a lot of Jewish influence on it. What is more cut and dry, however, is the fact that German Jews supported the treaty, as it allowed them to create a Jewish paradise on the backs of starving Germans.

Much less controversial than any of that, however, is Holodomor, which was done totally by Jews. That isn’t really even debated.

What Happened?

There are two possibilities which explain what’s taken place here:

  1. Gavin McInnes was genuinely pissed off at Jews, and was drinking as he always is when he recorded the show, and just said what was on his mind before later regretting it and being yelled at by his Jewish boss, or
  2. Gavin McInnes said this purposefully (maybe even with the blessing of his Jewish boss) to try and get Jew-wise people to stop attacking him, knowing when he said that he would later retract it, but hoping anti-Semites would remember it and be like “yeah, Gavin is on our side, he just keeps it quiet.”

Either way, it doesn’t really matter.

He’s a cuck, plain and simple.

He obviously does know the truth, whatever the case, but he’s shilling for Jews.

He is a bad person.

I don’t think he can recover from this Israel shilling trip. It’s just too much.