Gavin McInnes Blames Obama and Islam for the ADL Coming After Him

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2017

The same people who dismiss Jewish power as a figment of an anti-Semite’s imagination will traffic in the idea that Obama is a political genius scheming to use the UN to become emperor of the world.

Apparently Barack Söze’s latest nefarious plot is manipulating world Jewry as a means to silence Donald Trump supporters like Gavin McInnes (who didn’t support Trump until later on), Jack Posobiec (fake news mill and textbook ratfucker) and Mike Cernovich (writes books for nerds on how to get pussy). And the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt is nothing more than a political assassin for Obama’s secret society: the Brotherhood of the Gay Banana.

Jack Posobiec literally went to Auschwitz for repentance.

Guys like McInnes and Posobiec may look new and shiny, but they’re just the same old JBS except clenching a literal – instead of metaphorical – butt-plug. The reason they’re failing this time around is that the internet is shredding open the Judenpresse’s paper gate, so it’s very hard for their stupid ideas to compete with ours.

Which is why Jews put them on their hit list. They serve no purpose other than as a gateway drug to the rising national revolutionary movement. Rather than counter-attacking, the Alt-Lites are making pilgrimages to Auschwitz, reminding them how much they love Israel, or blaming everyone except Jews.

McInnes goes way out into left field by doing the disingenuous cuck thing of saying “hey, look at those Jihadists over there, they actually commit violence against Jews!” – but the ADL’s job is to protect Jewish political hegemony, not individual Jews on the street. Not to mention the fact that this new generation of Islamic extremism targets mostly white Europeans and Shiites – two distinct groups Jews love to see die.

Trying to shift attention away from yourself by saying “but look at what THEY’RE doing” is an act of dumb submission – it just makes Jews attack you more!

Don’t worry Gavin, the ADL hates Arabs too – enough to shut down an art exhibit by little Palestinian kids – but their priority right now is stopping white people from taking the country back.

The Proud Boys may be spineless imps (they recently “disavowed” Will Planer for defending himself against Antifa) and paleo-connish ideologically, but any civic organization that is predominately white, male and even remotely normal will incite Judah to flame you with the fire of 10,000 hells. If you don’t have the shield, weapon and courage necessary to wrestle with the dragon, it will devour you without a fight!

In the end, acts of reverence at Auschwitz, mealy-mouthed mentions of the “Judeo-Christian civilization” that never existed, or shilling for the Israeli murder machine won’t protect you from the ADL.

There’s nothing you can do to protect yourself from their hate, Gavin. The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 with the specific intent of making sure Jews can rape and murder gentile children and get away with it. It’s your race that they have a bone to pick with!

Piers Morgan gets it – when will you pick your conscience over their money!