Gavin McInnes Banned from YouTube – Now Officially Jones-Tier Unpersoned

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2018

The anti-racist ideologue Gavin McInnes, who once called the Neon-Nazi internet celebrity Andrew Anglin a “terrorist” for calling Heather Heyer a fat sow, has officially been banned from absolutely everything.

This is a full-on unpersoning, the likes of which had previously only happened to this writer and Alex Jones.

Although to this day, no one has reached my level other than me, as my actual domain was stolen and registrars collaborated to ban me from getting a new domain, while also banning me from other backbone services no one has ever been banned from before – what has happened to Jones and McInnes is as close as you can come to being me without being me.

Officially, YouTube is banning McInnes for either public urination and copyright violation. But they are the last social media outlet to ban McInnes – he’s already been banned from Twitter, Patreon, Facebook, etc. Also, his show on the Blaze was canceled, apparently at the request of the fake kike Mark Levin after his company merged with dumb goy Glenn Beck’s company.

Gavin going down is significant because he made even more of an effort than Alex Jones to be against racism. AJ would give platitudes, saying “oh I’m not a racist but,” while at the same time going into angry diatribes about black crime, Moslems, Jews, etc. Gavin was actually the leader of an anti-racist activist group called “The Proud Boys,” and actively hunted down Nazis.

Like I say, when I got banned Alex Jones didn’t say anything about me and that made me mad as I felt he should defend my free speech, but Gavin came out with the fat kike Laura Loomer and called me a terrorist.

The fat kike Loomer is also now banned from pretty much everything, by the way.

All of these people relied on these public service companies as part of their business model. Jones can downsize and still run on his own website like we do here at the Daily Stormer, but what the hell can Gavin McInnes do without access to social media?

He is not interesting enough for people to go find him on a regular website and deal with weird non-YouTube embeddable video.

The same is true of Sargon of Akkad, who is currently teetering on the edge of a YouTube ban.

Laura Loomer, Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson and other shit-tier Twitter personalities are even lower on the totem pole of general public interest.

It is a form of fraud, what these companies have done by promising free speech and then removing it after people have built businesses using their platforms. The platforms themselves gained notoriety and revenue from hosting these individuals.

Honestly, the platforms didn’t even want to ban any of these people, but were forced to by Jewish ethnic lobbying groups such as the ADL and the SPLC who threaten you with defamation if you don’t ban who they want you to ban. The organized Jewish media also works in cooperation with the Jewish activist groups, attacking internet companies for refusing to ban people they want banned.

We are going over the edge here now, however.

Who can be banned after Gavin McInnes?

Who can be defamed as a Neo-Nazi, after the anti-racist leader of a multi-racial conservative libertarian group?

They’re going to have to just start banning normie conservatives and Republicans. Because they’re not going to stop banning people. Edgy libertarian retards like Jones and McInnes thought they would stop banning people after they banned “Neon-Nazis,” and I guess normie retards are looking at Jones and McInnes getting banned and thinking “oh they’ll stop after they’ve banned conspiracy theorists and public urinators.”

But that isn’t the way the slippery slope works. By this time next year, Twitter is going to be banning centrist Democrats who don’t support full-on brown communism.