Gavin McCuck Complains About Anti-Semitism and White Supremacy Among Anti-Cucks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2015

I generally liked Gavin McInnes. And I don’t not like him now, necessarily. There is a place for middle of the far-right.

But he has gone too far with his recent video on cuckservativism, wherein he exposes himself as a cuckold who supports parasite Jew Israel and colored folk. The entire video is an attempt to reframe the cuckservative meme as not about Jews and coloreds.

He lectures evil racists and tries to Nazi-shame Matt Forney over his mentioning of Jews and coloreds in his anti-cuck article on RoK, saying that some of it made him “uncomfortable.”

Newsflash, McCuck: This is about making people uncomfortable. That is the entire purpose of the cuckservative meme.

The Cuckold McInnes goes so far as to claim that the same thing that is happening in Detroit is happening in Glasgow, and implies this means race doesn’t exist and Blacks are capable members of global society.

He goes on to praise race-mixing and talks about his Indian children (we thought this might be a problem for Gav – Asian wife is a serious problem among the far-right).

He then mentions that he has a lot of Black friends.

In another context, I would probably be a lot less bothered by McInnes defending Jews or coloreds. He is on Fox News, so he needs to keep a certain level of mainstream normalcy while still pushing the Overton Window to the right.

But the cuckservative meme is ours, Gav. And its purpose is to stop these kikes.

I Predicted This

I did indeed predict that with the explosion of the cuckservative meme, more “moderate” elements within the “alt-right” (altistic right) would attempt to hijack it and make it not so much about Jews and racism.

The good news is that it cannot work, because as soon as some tries to do it, they are immediately identified as a cuck for trying to cuck the cuckservative meme.

“If opinions the mainstream media labels as ‘anti-Semitic’ and ‘White supremacist’ make you uncomfortable, you might be a cuckservative.”

Hit the gym, McCuck. Join the paleo-cult and get rid of that estrogen-bulb you’ve got hanging from your neck.

Then join the anti-cuck revolution, and help us stop these kikes.