Gavin McCuck and the Myth of the Middle Ground

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2015


Yesterday, I posted a piece about a video Gavin McInnes (forever to be known from this point onward as “Gavin McCuck”) posted trying to reframe the cuckservative meme a not about “anti-Semitism” or “White supremacy.”

In the video, he attempted to Nazi-shame Matt Forney, along with all other anti-cucks, but calling them mean names. He explained that he stands with putting the interests of Jew-Israel above those of White America, and also listed off a bunch of Blacks I’ve never even heard of (except Sowell) who he says prove that some Blacks are good.

Obviously, even as the hardcore racist that I am, I am aware that there are maybe a few Blacks here and there that are probably pretty cool guys. However, these cool Blacks, if they indeed exist, are not going to be offended by us and we certainly are under no obligation to cater a message to some 0.00000001% of the Black population.

The comments section on YouTube exploded with anti-cuck comments. It is hard to find a single one supporting Gavin’s cuckoldry.

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Granted, I don’t know how much of the backlash was due to me having posted about the video here. But I expect that this influence was negligible. Anyone would understands the cuckservative meme knows that anyone who attempts to criticize or redefine the cuckservative meme is a cuck.

This is the true power of the cuckservative meme. It cannot be criticized, for anyone who attempts to criticize it is immediately exposed as a cuck.

No Middle Ground

There is no middle ground on the right. Either you are a true conservative – you oppose Jew Israel, you oppose the Blacks, you oppose the homos and you oppose the invasion – or you are a cuckservative, intent on compromising on these most important principles.

This having been said, I liked what Gavin had been doing, flirting with the mainstream while simply omitting certain topics. He hadn’t ever talked about Jew-Israel that I know of, at least not in glowing “we defend them” terms, he hadn’t said “ship the Blacks back to Africa because they are genetically incapable of existing in White civilization” but neither had he said “Blacks are just the same as Whites because Detroit is the same as Glasgow.”

So, for those in the mainstream, omission is a forgiveable sin. In my opinion. Because they are serving a role, pushing things right. If you are up on Fox News and helping people read between the lines, I will salute you.

But remember, you in the mainstream far right, I have no problem supporting your efforts to move American politics to the right, but:

I only tell you once. Don’t cuck me, Gav. Don’t you ever try to cuck me.