“Gas the Kikes” is a Holocaust Denial Meme

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2015

Are those opposed to gassing the kikes actually trying to make Taylor cry?
Are those opposed to gassing the kikes actually trying to make Taylor cry?

In a recent article about a Hitler sticker on a UK university campus that got media attention and a police investigation, I said people should post stickers that say “gas the kikes.” Some people took issue, saying that it would be bad if people see you wanting to gas kikes.

I hadn’t seriously expected people to print up stickers which read “gas the kikes,” was more just screwing around, but the more I think about it, it would be very funny to hear the media saying “Jewish students woke up to find the campus plastered with stickers reading ‘gas the kikes’ and ‘race war now.’ Lavina Levine says the stickers brought back vivid memories of her great-grandparents being gassed at Auschwitz by Adolf Hitler.”

To try and respond seriously is mostly folly.
To try and respond seriously is folly.

The thing to understand here is that no one is going to take “gas the kikes” as a serious statement unless they are either Jewish or already so far gone it doesn’t matter. So to say “oh you shouldn’t say ‘gas the kikes’ because it confirms the Holocaust happened” is not a valid argument. Maybe that is a valid argument for not saying “six million more” or something, but “gas the kikes” is a uniquely valuable trolling phrase as it is impossible not to laugh at, making perfect light of the stupid claims of the Jews while also being slightly self-deprecating in that it mocks the media image of “neo-Nazis” being radically violent.

The phrase does not exist in a vacuum. It is connected to a whole series of memes associated with an ideology that does not validate the Jewish Holocaust mythology, and instead viciously mocks their absurd claims.

I understand that a random person who is not a DS or /pol/ reader will not know this background, but that is not the point. Only Jews and extremist SJWs are going to see this joke and be like “ZOMG it’s happening again.” Normal people will, at worst, see this as someone callously making light of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust is a modern religious concept. For inspiration on how to break it down, we should look at how Jews broke down Christianity. The biggest part of getting the public to abandon Christianity was not complex explanations about evolution (though this played an important role, the Holodenial counterpart of this being documentaries like One Third of the Holocaust), but was instead humor. Jewish television shows mocked the Christian faith, making light of what was once sacred (The Simpsons comes to mind).

Ned Flanders was more powerful than six million lectures about the big bang.
Ned Flanders was more powerful than six million lectures about the big bang.

We are not in an ideal position, and must be strategic in our approach. Mocking the Holocaust is absolutely strategic. It is a self-evident fact that this method of mockery, backed up by scientific explanations, will break down the Holocaust in the minds of the masses.

I think about all of this. It isn’t like I just promote things randomly because I’m stupid. The Daily Stormer project is surgical.

All of this is not to necessarily say it would make a good sticker to post up on campus – again, that was just me messing around (gay as it is to have to explain that I troll my own readership nearly as much as I troll Jews). I am just giving general commentary on jokes about gassing kikes:

These jokes are funny.

We should always be funny.

gas the kikes