Gargantuan She-Hog Births 15 Pound Baby and I Feel Like I’m Going to Barf

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2018

Just look at this.


We’ll start with the father. I’m not planning on being mean here, I just want to state the obvious observable facts.

That man is so obese, I can feel the stench coming through the screen.

The neckbeard just barely concealing the fat folds. Nipples protruding through his striped autist shirt, very disrespectful. Thick-rimmed problem glasses and hands meekly behind the back showcasing his low-T…

Moving on to the other hog in the picture. 

Billowing fat folds on the arms. Massive puffy claw with tats resembling a hand…

Do we really even need to read the article?


A Texas mother gave birth to a hospital-record-setting baby boy who weighed in at nearly 15 pounds.

“It doesn’t matter how big he is, I’m so blessed,” said Jennifer Medlock, mother of the 14 pound, 13 ounce Ali. “I was like ‘Omg really’– I don’t think it even registered.”

Doctors at Arlington Memorial Hospital delivered the baby boy via C-section on December 12. They reported that the mother experienced a healthy pregnancy. However, Ali spent one week in the NICU due to low blood sugar and low platelettes, CBSDFW reported. 

A healthy baby that had to be delivered through C-section and who already has diabetes symptoms.

The Medlock’s said that Ali’s birth was a miracle in other ways as well. Jennifer suffers from severe polycystic ovarian syndrome. The family used fertility treatments to conceive their first child. The couple said they were about to start treatments again when they learned of Jennifer’s pregnancy with Ali.

A sick sow gets an expensive operation to be able to conceive and yet the few lithe and supply young women left are busy getting abortions.

Something’s wrong in the state of Texas.

And do you know what the problem with America, in general, is?

What I’m going to say here is really is an American thing, not so much a European thing. Like, there is plenty to make fun of Western Europeans for – their effeteness and snobbery immediately come to mind. I’ll include the Eastern Europeans for their sloth and their morbidness, just so you know I’m being fair.

But America really has a problem with low standards. That is, just not having standards of behavior at all.

You have these… well, lots of terms come to mind. Lumpenproles, forgotten ones, the Blighted, human blimps – whatever you like to call them, that just have no shame. Like, literally no one has ever sat them down and told them that they are disgusting creatures and that it is wrong for them to be fat and behave the way that they do on so many levels.

Speaking religiously, it is a sin. 

Speaking as a man, it is shameful to not be able to see your own dick. 

Speaking as a citizen, you are not fit to defend or serve your country. 

Speaking as an innocent bystander, you ruin my day with your ugliness. 

And to bring it all together, speaking as a Christian White Nationalist, you basically offend my sensibilities on every single level.

But, of course, America has this sort of laissez-faire mentality that it has inculcated in its citizenry.

“Do whatever you want, Jack. Just don’t hurt nobody.”  t. everybody.

This is sometimes interpreted as a strength or a gift to the masses from the ruling class, but it is, in fact, a terrible curse and a sign of neglect. Most people, whether you want to call them normies, NPCS or as they used to be known – serfs – well, they need strict guidelines and leadership and can’t be left to their own devices.

They’re like children, completely lost, helpless and ultimately self-destructive if left on their own.

If you take away the pastors, the state-sponsored propaganda and the social stigma – you basically leave people to their own animalistic instincts.

This is a sure way to degrade your people and reduce them to weak, barely literate, fat two-legged hogs.

All this is to say that standards need to make a come back. 

The greatest con that was ever pulled on the American people was getting them to believe that having standards was somehow an infringement on their freedoms.

“Ain’t nobody can tell me what to do. This is America, I can do what I want!” 

This is exactly the kind of attitude that has turned America into a land populated by disgusting freaks. And like all disgusting freaks, they are offended by truth and beauty, and go out of their way to destroy it. Because beauty and truth and people who do have standards hold up a mirror to their own depravity.

This is why people engaged in degeneracy will always try to involve you in their degeneracy as well.

Think about it, few people will ever try to involve you in a profitable business, go out of their way to get you working out or help you when you’re sick.

But you can always find people to encourage you to do drugs, let yourself go and start mutilating your body with tats and piercings. 

As a general rule, depravity always wants company. Excellence on the other hand, is an introvert.

All this is to say America Needs Standards Again.