Gang of 18 Moslems Turn German Club Into Warzone, Shoot at Random People

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2018

Have you ever wanted to open fire on random people at a nightclub because the bouncers denied you entry?


Congratulations: you are not a Moslem!

Voice of Europe:

After two men were refused entry by bouncers at a club in Germany, all hell broke loose, Die Welt reports. The incident happened at a nightclub in Bad Oeynhausen, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, western Germany.

After the men were not allowed to enter the club “Mondo”, they left but returned with a group of eighteen heavily armed men.

Security footage from the disco shows the men rush towards the entrances. Two of the men had pistols and started shooting at people in the lobby of the club.

Others attack the two bouncers who earlier had denied entry to the two men. The group attacked the bouncers with kicks, fists, batons, and also firearms.

The attack took place around 2:45am Sunday morning, police said in a statement. At least two of the attackers fired from close range at the two security staff.

One of the men suffered minor injuries, while the other was seriously injured, though not life threatening. Both were taken to hospital.

According to newspaper LW, eyewitness accounts report several languages being spoken leading investigators to believe the suspects could be members of a family clan from Iraq.

Until now that suspicion could not be confirmed and the police did not want to give any further details.

The attackers fled, according to police, in several cars heading towards nearby highway 30. A police search was launched but the attackers evaded capture.

A homicide commission has been established by the public prosecutor in Bielefeld. Fourteen officials will take part in the investigation, which will include charges of attempted manslaughter.