GameStop Short Squeeze is Totally Over, But Maybe It’s a Real Company Now?

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I’m not breaking any diamond hands when I say that the initial process of squeezing the hedge fund shorts of GameStop is officially over. The stock is currently trading at just over $60.

It opened today around $50, and here it is at time of writing.

I don’t think anything crazy is going to happen.

Obviously, it was Robinhood shutting it down that prevented the stock from going to $1000, and one would think they should be punished for that. But they won’t be. Maybe the company will collapse – I hope it does – but they’re not going to put that emo Bulgarian faggot in prison where he belongs.

The talk now, currently, is that GameStop might become a real company. This would involve online sales.

I’ve been listening to the livestreams of this old boomer from Canada named Bruce who worked on the stock market in the 80s and 90s, and he’s been pushing the idea that GameStop is going to get into online sales.

This 8 minute video talks about a press release from GameStop about how they’ve hired people from Amazon and Chewy, and they’re moving online.

However, I’m not really sure this boomer (or any of the other people talking about this) understand the market that they’re talking about.

Video games used to be cartridges and CDs, so people bought them at stores. Now, most video games are downloaded digitally. But that market is already totally locked down. Steam controls most of the computer game market, and now Epic is trying to compete with them. Epic proved you can compete, I guess. But GameStop always sold console games.

The consoles are owned by Microsoft and Sony, however – and they have their own online stores to download digital games. There is no reason they would give up this market to GameStop.

So what is GameStop going to sell in an online store? I guess they could sell the consoles themselves, and controllers and so on. But then they would be competing with Amazon.

I guess GameStop could sell collectibles, or go into some other kind of niche market, but I don’t think they’re going to become some major player.

Who knows. Maybe. I guess. I doubt it, however.

That said, the stock price might go up on the theory that it is going to become a real company, given how much hype there has been surrounding the company.

As the reader is aware, I never really bought into this whole situation, and was possibly even too negative about it. But it has been a learning experience for a lot of people – myself included. Hopefully, no one lost a bunch of money. If you did lose money, you might as well sign on for the class action against Robinhood. Like I say, I don’t think anyone is going to prison, but the action was so obviously egregious, and so hated by everyone, that they might have to pay up.


I just want to note, so that you understand: there is no plan to make money off of Dogecoin. People are just saying “put money in Dogecoin” for some reason that I don’t really understand – probably, the people promoting this are trying to rip you off.

Professional investors are watching this, and are just going to take all of your money. It’s stupid. I’m not saying you can’t make money by buying it and then pumping it up and dumping it, but this is just a standard Ponzi scheme scam.

Somehow, it is getting mixed in with the stocks thing, and people who don’t know what is going on think this is the next GME. It’s not even related to that in any way. Well, it was briefly related to it, in that people pumped it up after Robinhood refused to sell GME, which caused financial troubles for Robinhood, but they quickly blocked it as soon as they figured out what was going on, and that happened like a week ago.

If you got interested in stocks and so on because of GME, then that’s good, but don’t think this is some kind of magical way to make money. Obviously, there are a lot of smart people involved in this, who have spent decades learning how all of this works, so you’re not just going to walk in and get rich. GME was a very specific situation.

It makes sense to get into this now, because surely, this is where all of the future money is going to be. Labor is becoming totally valueless, so sure, get into capital and try to make some money. But again: it’s serious business, it isn’t some magic free money machine. Unless you’re Jewish, in which case it is literally a magic free money machine.