GameStop Announces Upcoming Sale of Shares

The amount of money being printed right now is leading to all sorts of bizarre happenings in financial markets.


Two months after a market phenomenon took shares of GameStop to the moon, the video game retailer said Monday that it will sell up to 3.5 million of its shares with the price still vastly elevated.

The company said the shares will be sold through an “at-the-market” offering, which lets a publicly traded company raise capital over time.

A bizarre stand-off between hedge funds that had heavily shorted GameStop, betting that the price of shares would fall, and smaller investors who challenged them, sent shares of the beleaguered company soaring early this year.

Market pundits had urged the company to put more shares on the market as the price of a share, which had hovered around $20 each, spiked close to $500. Such a stock sale would have allowed to company to pay down hefty debts that it had accumulated as a technology shift led gamers to spend money online, rather than in GameStop stores.

And two weeks ago, GameStop disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it actually had been considering such a sale since January.

Even though it did not announce the share sale when share prices peaked, GameStop could wipe existing debt of the books if it chooses.

The company’s stock closed at $191.45 last week, meaning it could raise as much as $670 million. GameStop’s net debt was around $430 million in January. However, because the sale is “at-the-market,” it gives the company more flexibility as to when the sales happen.

It’s all good and well when the money is all tied up in this weird stuff.

But what about if people start pulling the money out of these markets?

Then, all of a sudden, there is a massive deluge of liquidity into the normal markets. That will mean hyperinflation.

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This money-printing scheme of the Democrats and their Jewish bankster overlords is entirely dependent on people continuing to believe in increasingly bizarre stock market voodooism.

Federal Reserve manual.

If the money stops being held up in these ridiculously overvalued theoretical assets – which is all of the major tech stocks, other than maybe Amazon, which is still overvalued – then the jig is up.

Therefore, the money masters are fueling and encouraging weird events like the GameStop fiasco. They need that liquidity locked down, or all of a sudden a loaf of bread is $250.

Of course, eventually the elite want to hyper-inflate, as is evidenced by the fact that they are continuing to hold onto all of this debt.

Maybe you should be in debt too?

That’s not financial advice. But I can’t imagine that when money is being printed at this rate, being in debt is not a good idea.