Gamer Congresswoman Announces Resignation Amidst Gaming-Related Scandal

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2019

Our girl in Congress has gone down burning.

Hopefully this just means she’s planning to regroup and run for governor.


Democratic Rep. Katie Hill of California on Sunday announced her resignation from Congress days after she admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with a campaign staffer before coming into office.

“It is with a broken heart that today I announce my resignation from Congress,” Hill said in a statement Sunday. “This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I believe it is the best thing for my constituents, my community, and our country.”

News of Hill’s resignation comes after the House Committee on Ethics announced Wednesday it was opening an investigation into allegations Hill engaged in an improper relationship with a congressional staffer in possible violation of House rules which were changed last year to ban relationships between members and their staff.

In a statement last week, Hill denied that the relationship — allegedly involving Graham Kelly, who currently works as her legislative director — took place. CNN has reached out to Kelly for comment, but has not heard back.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Sunday night that Hill “has acknowledged errors in judgment that made her continued service as a Member untenable.”

While Pelosi praised Hill for making “a great contribution as a leader of the Freshman Class” of House Democrats, she added that “we must ensure a climate of integrity and dignity in the Congress, and in all workplaces.”

Hill was elected to Congress in the 2018 midterm elections, defeating a Republican incumbent to represent a swing district. The vice chairwoman of the powerful House Oversight committee, Hill was viewed as a rising star in the party. She played a key role in the Democratic Caucus, representing and advocating for House Democratic freshmen’s interests to Democratic leadership.

Last weekend, a conservative blog released intimate photos of Hill, alleging she and her husband had a separate relationship with an unnamed female campaign staffer. That report included three photos of the congresswoman, including an explicit photo. Hill has said that Kenny Heslep, her husband of nine years, with whom she is currently in divorce proceedings, is trying to humiliate her by sharing the photographs. CNN has reached out to Hill’s husband for comment but has not heard back. Hill offered no evidence linking her husband to the distribution of the photos.

Hill also reiterated on Sunday that she will pursue legal action regarding the publication of the photographs, saying she has contacted US Capitol Police about the matter.

Last Thursday, a British tabloid published additional intimate photographs of Hill.

lol @ CNN calling the Daily Mail “a British tabloid.”

People know what the Daily Mail is, CNN.

(Referring to Red State as merely a “conservative blog” is kinda funny though.)

Here are those photos.

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She is the last gamer in Congress as well – and this is believed to be the reason why she was persecuted for her Nazi beliefs, orgies and bong rips.

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We won’t forget your sacrifice, Katie.

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