Game Over: President Flees Kiev, Criminal Jewess Released to Bring the Freedom Like a Hurricane

Daily Stormer
February 23, 2014

Are you ready for the freedom, gojim?  Tonight we burn the church and stop the patriarchy.
Are you ready for the freedom, gojim? Tonight we burn the church and stop the patriarchy.

The President has fled the country and the convicted Jew criminal Yulia Tymoshenko is now on the loose, preparing to drop the freedom on the Ukrainian people like a piano out of a tenth-story window.

Gas-guzzler Tymoshenko has joined with her kinsman Vitaly Klitschko, the Jew boxer who is leading the coup against the democratically elected government of the Ukraine, and celebrated the nation’s passing into the claws of the Jewish parasite.

Oh, and the people are so filled with joy to have this Jewess back on the streets, to help them with their troubles! Oh, the screams of joy!

From the BBC:

“You are heroes,” she told the crowd on Independence Square, the focus of protests against President Viktor Yanukovych, and broke down in tears.

The speech came at the end of a dramatic day, with the president fleeing Kiev but refusing to quit.

Tymoshenko warned that the protesters should not think their job was done.

“Until you finish this job and until we travel all the way, nobody has the right to leave,” she said. “Because nobody could do it – not other countries, nobody – could do what you have done. We’ve eliminated this cancer, this tumour.”

But while she received large cheers from many in the audience, she does not enjoy universal support among the opposition, says the BBC’s David Stern in Kiev.

Before she went into prison in 2011, her popularity ratings were dropping and many Ukrainians blame her in part for the chaos of the post-Orange Revolution years, or see her as a member of Ukraine’s corrupt elite.

Dozens of people walked away in disgust when she appeared on the stage, shouting that she did not represent them, the BBC’s Tim Wilcox in Independence Square reports.

Oh, and they just voted to hold elections in May, somehow, after having already agreed yesterday to not have them until December.

As I said yesterday, this was an obvious bluff, set up to ensure the release of the criminal Jewess before the police stand down.

Ukraine’s parliament voted on Saturday to remove President Viktor Yanukovych and hold a presidential election on 25 May, completing a radical transformation in the former Soviet republic.

The parliamentary vote came after police stopped guarding presidential buildings, allowing protesters in, and parliament made new high-level appointments.

Mr Yanukovych said events in Kiev were a “coup” and vowed not to stand down.

The opposition is now in effective control of the capital Kiev, with Mr Yanukovych’s last known whereabouts in Kharkiv, near the Russian border, after travelling there late on Friday night.

Police stopped guarding presidential buildings, allowing protesters in, including at the presidential country residence, just outside the capital.

The Jews are now in full control of the Ukraine.

God Help Us All.

Same old story.
Same old story.

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